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Below is just a raw dump from the AHA Page. More information, ie: Specific class curriculum, challenges, and results will be posted on here.

Dates: This workshop occurs every Saturday, starting on September 23rd. Drop in for any session, or join us for all of them! Each week we will work on something different.

Ages ~8 to ~11 | 10am to 12pm
Ages ~12 to ~14 | 12:15pm to 2:15pm
Ages ~15 to ~18 | 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Cost: We ask for $15 p/person*

Workshop: A Gamers’ Education seeks to provide learning opportunities through highly interactive digital environments, aka: video games. Our long term goal with this workshop is to help assemble the foundation for open source educational curricula based around playing, and building video games. There are a number of options out there, and each week we will experiment our way through them. Below are a few example activities:

Code Hero blurs the line between video game and educational tool. It provides the user with a very exciting, and visual introduction into programming. Users maneuver through a 3D world,  picking up and modifying snippets of computer code in order to solve puzzles. The more information the user soaks in, the quicker they can advance.

MineCraft played in a LAN environment provides an infinite number of team building exercises. What happens in a group when resources are limited vs. infinite? Will users band together, or stick it out on their own to survive the night? How well will they handle an exercise that requires people to work together in order to build under a time constraint?

Processing, Code Academy, KhanAcademy, and Scratch are just a few options that provide users with an easier, and often highly visual entry into programming. Help us experiment with these to find out how early we can get individuals into programming, and the challenges that arise at different ages.

EchoChrome, Lemmings, LittleBigPlanet, and Portal provide wonderful environments for creative building and exploration. How does age influence the ability for some of the puzzles to be solved? Can students turn designs on paper into three dimensional environments in a game? 

Please note:
1) We only have 8 spots p/week. If you’re interested, please sign up ahead of time!

2) Follow us!
- Users/Students/Gamers: We would love to hear what you’ve learned during these workshops, or on your own through video games, programming, etc.!
- Parents: We encourage you to check back here for updates, give us feedback on what you see and hear.
- Teachers: How can we get you involved? Can we help you establish educational options through gaming, programming, etc.? Can you let us know what’s worked for you?


* Pay what you can, pay what you think it’s worth. Please don’t let lack of funds prevent you or someone you know from attending.
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