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New Space

All Hands Active (AHA) is Ann Arbor's oldest makerspace. Formed in 2009 by a handful of makers, AHA has slowly grown to 50+ members. We offer weekly classes and public free access to many of our tools. The brightest minds in Ann Arbor come to our space to learn, explore, do and make. Over the past 7 years we've slowly grown our space by adding new tools, new classes and new projects. Unfortunately we've outgrown our space and now it's time for us to move.

We're excited to announce that we've secured a new location at XXXXXX!

Our goal for the new location is a more professional look and a fully outfitted classroom that will allow us to offer programs 5 days a week to the public. We are humbly asking for the help of our members and the public to raise additional funds to make our new location as awesome as it can be.

What we've accomplished so far

Here's what we've accomplished this past year with the help of our members.

  • Acquired new large laser cutter for public use
  • Upgraded all public access computers
  • Upgraded portions of our network and purchased shared storage for projects
  • Built out our kitchen
  • Upgraded our electronics bench with new gear
  • Purchased more electronics bits to provide the public with for free.
  • Upgraded our 3D printing area with more printers available to the community.
  • Streamlined our event class hosting process

Proposed layout of new location

A mock-up of our new location is shown here: LINK needed

What we hope to improve

  • Better electric access (more outlets everywhere)
  • More Seating
  • More work area/Re-configurable classroom
  • More storage
  • Projector/Upgraded Network

What we hope to purchase

The total estimate for all the new equipment we'd like to raise money for is ~$5000. We plan to prioritize the purchase of new work areas, seating and electric access.

Better Electric Access

We presently run an array of small surge protectors and long extension cords. The new space offers outlets spaced throughout it and having dedicated power will make cabling easier when complying with fire safety rules.

  • Long wall mount power bars x 7 [| Link] $40 each
    • 3 new bars for our sunlit work area
    • 1 new bar in our craft area.
    • 2 new bars for our classroom tables
    • 1 new bar for the 3D printer area and store display
  • Central mounted power cord reel for central area [| Link] $35

Total: $315

More seating

Our present chairs are a mixture of mostly donated and mostly broken older office chairs. We actively maintain them but most are past their expiration date.

  • Used circular Table for common area - $50
  • Office Chairs x 15 (Circular table, classroom and spread throughout the space) $25 each UM property disposition
  • Drafting/Tall Chairs x 8 (Sunlit work area) - $80

Total: $1065

More work area

Our present work areas are 8ft folding tables that have seen better days. Our finished top plywood work benches will stay but we'd like to better outfit our classroom and public areas.

  • 4 10ft work benches (1 for crafts, 1 for 3D printing, 2 for classroom)
    • 4x 10ft Oak tops coated in polyeurathane - $200
    • 4x Steel 7ft stringer [[[- Steel Stringer|Link] + 4x set of legs [|Link] - $95
    • Wheels (for 2 classroom benches) - $40

Total: $1220

More Storage

In our current location we've used many plywood shelves and a mixture of old kitchen cabinets. We find the cabinets to be better at organizing and deterring clutter.

  • 1 Rolling tool chest [| Link] - $389 + 20% off coupon
  • 8 Steel wall mounted cabinets [| Link ] - $149
    • 4 for craft/laser area
    • 2 for loud noise room
    • 2 for electronics area

Total $1504

Projector/Upgraded Network

Our current projector is 480P and the bulb is prohibitively expensive to replace, a newer projector will nicely outfit the classroom area. The current network at AHA is a mismatch of 10/100 and 1GB switches. We'd like to replace the remaining 10/100 switches and better distribute internet throughout the new space.

  • 1080P Projector - $500
  • 3 16 Port 1GB Ethernet switches [| Link] - $84
    • 1 for classroom
    • 1 for work area
    • 1 for 3D printing/laser area
  • Cat 6 Ethernet Cabling, Keystone Jacks - $150

Total: $902


  • Donations of <$1000 are usually project-specific, such as the funds that went to sponsor this year's Power Wheels Racing Series efforts
  • Donations of >$1000 don't have a usual mode of use since we've never had one yet, but rest assured we'd put it to really really good use.
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