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The first Sunday of every month we spend the day cleaning, organizing, and pushing to make significant improvements to the over all space!

1) Start off at noon by eating Waffles. 2) Start off work around 2:00pm.


  1. Improve lighting in DogFort
  2. Get fresh air vent pumping into Prototyping Room
  3. General clean up of Workbenches
  4. Improve men's bathroom (paper towel & soap dispenser)


  1. Organize items from deep storage
    1. Deep storage area shopvac'd, trash dumped, wood organized
  2. Fix ceiling of heavy duty shelving on opposite side of stock wall
  3. Move Nuts & Bolts into DogFort
  4. Move Electronics WorkBench components to main tool workbench
    1. Setup four soldering stations
    2. Setup Printers, and extra PCs (Backyard Brains Label Printer Box) on previous Electronics Workbench?
  5. Investigate paths for venting out from Prototyping Room / DogFort
  6. Clear out unlabeled / extinct member (unpaid <2 months, non founder, etc.) lockers
    1. Put all materials from lockers in dedicated bin/storage, email list so people can still come and claim if desires