ABS Strip Face Shield

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This is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use in healthcare we can craft at the space for emergencies and supply gaps. It is a barrier to prevent droplets coughed/sneezed by one person, from entering the eyes/nose/mouth of another person, to prevent spread of disease. If using a respirator (like an N95 mask) is necessary to prevent infection, a face shield is likely also necessary for protection of the eyes/face.


It is composed of three pieces: two strips which form a headband, and a front shield. All pieces can be quickly cut on our Laser Cutter. The headband strips are cut from 1/16" ABS, are heat-formed and solvent welded together, and secured to the head by a rubberband connecting the ends of either arm. The front shield mounts on the frame, and is the transparent, stiff plastic that serves as the barrier.

The front and top shields are ideally cut from sheet extruded Lexan or Mylar of 5 mil or thicker. Common transparency sheets also work. The design is compatible with 3-hole punched material, meaning that anyone with common office supplies (3-hole punch and transparency sheets for overhead projectors) can make their own front face shields.

After laser cutting the strips, extra manual labor is necessary to heat form them, and solvent-weld them together. This involves strapping the strips to forms, immersing them in boiling water, using a heat gun to bend a tab, and solvent-welding them together with acetone. Currently we can laser cut the strips themselves and deliver them to Maker Works, skipping this step, as we may not be set up well to do this ourselves.


  • ABS Strip Face Shield - Google drive of design files and production instructions. Primary reference, go there!