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Awesome person responsible for this: Emilio T. and Zach S.

This position primarily ensures that the board and anyone who wants to can know what the current state of AHA's finances are. It also involves making sure bills are paid, taxes are dealt with, and that the IRS isn't angry wish us.

Time estimate: 1 hour a week, with a 4-5 hour period once a month as well.

Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Quickbooks is up to date
  • Monthly reports sent to Board/Public
  • Financial Projection (making sure we have money to pay rent in the foreseeable future)
  • Deposits money from AHA -> Bank
  • Bills get paid
    • Rent & iQguys are the only two that are not currently automated. These must be mailed/delivered.

Some basic information and instructions on maintaining our finances can be found here: Finances#For_Staff