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==Re-opening procedures==
==Re-opening procedures==
AHA is currently re-opening under restricted access conditions for '''members only with a reservation'''.
AHA is currently open to members at any time, and is also hosting regular open hours.  
*Face coverings are required at all times.  
If you are a member and would like to make a reservation, please pick a time and location, and then complete your reservation using the form.  Please follow all safety rules during this time to Be Excellent (and healthy) to each other!
*Posted capacity limits (per room) must be followed.
*Everyone must sign in.
===Step 1: pick an available location and time===
====Workshop/loud noise room====
====Electronics/3d printer room====
===Step 2: reserve the location and time using the form===
==Background on the planning and rationale for these procedures==
All Hands Active will follow the MI Safe Start plan as released by Governor Whitmer. Currently, Michigan is at Phase 3: Flattening, and manufacturing facilities are permitted to reopen, but offices are not. In Phase 4: Improving, both general retail and offices are permitted to reopen (with safety precautions).  I believe that members of AHA want to be safe themselves, and want to protect the community, so we may want to consider ourselves an office as a cautious choice. That said, the shop and electronics lab could reasonably be considered manufacturing areas, and could perhaps be reopened immediately.
To comply with the state guidelines, the following will be implemented by the newly created Health Safety Officer:
===Access Control===
*Access limited to members and their households only.
*Anyone accessing the space will be asked to certify that they have not had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days, or close contact with anyone with the same. This is done via web form, with submissions visible only to the board.
*Anyone accessing the space must take their temperature before accessing the space.
===Social Distancing===
*Occupancy of the space will be limited to members of one household per room (classroom, electronics lab, workshop, annex). Reservations are made via a web form, and reserved times are viewable by all members (but information on who made the reservation is available only to board members).
*Anyone accessing the space must disinfect any tools and doors after use. (disinfecting wipes will be provided)
*Hand sanitizer will be available in all rooms.
*The Health Safety Officer will work with landlord to install HEPA filtration on HVAC if possible.
*Anyone accessing the space is required to wear a mask. Members will commit to wearing a mask when they reserve their room.
*Gloves will be available at the door.

===Contact Tracing/Isolation===
===Contact Tracing/Isolation===

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Re-opening procedures

AHA is currently open to members at any time, and is also hosting regular open hours.

  • Face coverings are required at all times.
  • Posted capacity limits (per room) must be followed.
  • Everyone must sign in.

Contact Tracing/Isolation

  • Anyone who has accessed the space agrees to notify the Health Safety Officer (Joe Dohm) if they develop COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days of accessing the space. In this event, anyone who accessed the space in the four days after the symptomatic person’s access will be notified. All parties anonymity will be maintained.
  • In the event of an infected person accessing the space, the entire space will be cleaned. (entire room the infected person used, and entire common area).