Computer Infrastructure: LDAP Authentication

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LDAP Authentication is done via pGina v3.1.8.0

This software is available on the NAS at \\hub\AHASoftware.

Install pGina

Install pGina as Admin on the PC being used.

Launch the configuration software from the desktop and make the following changes

  • Setup Graphics for login
    • Copy rhinoblue.bmp from \\hub\AHASoftware\AHA Promo Graphics\ to C:\
    • Set this image as the pGINA login graphic.
  • Enable MOTD, set to: %m - Welcome to All Hands Active!
  • Logon Progress Message: Logging on %u...
  • Configure Plugins as shown in the Plugin Setting
  • Setup the Login message as such: Welcome to AHA (Include PC NAME)
  • Test the connection on the test screen.

Plugin Settings

Plugin Screen:


Plugin Order Screen:


Plugin LDAP Config Screen:


Plugin LDAP Config Authorization Screen:


Plugin Local Machine Pgina-Local machine plugin.png