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HUB@AHA is a centralized compute server/backup environment planned for deployment at AHA near the end of December 2015.


Synology DiskStation DS409 (purchased) Hard disks (need to be purchased either 2 large or 4 smaller)

Disk configuration

The disks are configured in RAID 6. This uses two parity stripes on each disk. It allows for two disk failures before data is lost.

Accessible disk space:

Total space

Need to determine

Total usable space

Need to determine based on RAID


User Share

Each member is given 10GB of space on the NAS. The member space is backed up locally each evening and mirrored to an offsite NAS once a week.

Virtual Machines present in the user share are not backed up!

Space Shared

Software Share

This share is mounted at login to the windows workstations. It is read only from the workstations. It is populated with software that is used at AHA and the specific versions used.

Software Packages maintained

  • Common Steam games
  • Ninite
  • Arduino Software
  • VirtualBox AHA Ubuntu Image
  • Drivers
  • CNC Software (Mach 3, VCarve, Cut3D)
  • Laser Big Red Software
  • Laser Tiny laser Software
  • 3D Printer software

Maintained by

To request additional software be shared or versions be updated please contact: ???

Web server

The following packages are installed in addition to a centrally hosted home page for HUB@AHA.


LDAP server

Cam Station

Security cam info and the storage settings.