Concerns & Observations

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This is a document to document trials/tribulations at the space. It is NOT meant to be a "he said, she said" page. Input should be as objective as possible. You probably won't find many answers here, for the moment : )


  1. What is consumable (ie: saw blades vs. resistors vs. glue)
  2. What is purchasable (ie: Food, Snacks, Equipment, etc.)
  3. What belongs to who?
  4. What can be used?
  5. What can't be used?
  6. Active vs. inactive projects?

Decision Making

  1. When is it, or is it not appropriate for an individual to make a decision vs. consulting the group?
  2. Do-ocracy
  3. Is it important for us to have goals that the group agrees to?
    1. Our membership form notes some very general goals/things people are agreeing to when they join up, what are those?