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Bert is a Creality Ender 3 (upgraded)


[Getting Started Guide]

Basic before and after printer setup.

You might need to do the steps below for yourself or someone remote asking if anyone in the space can setup the printer.

  • Clearing a print It's normal for a completed print to be stuck on the bed with significate resistance to let go. Best practice to encourage it to release is to use the bed knife to pry a corning until it starts to release. Avoid pulling up or weighting down the print bed as it can become out of calibration. It is best to let the bed cool down first. Remember to scrape any areas of the bed that have high spots of glue. If the previous print is yours you can wash any glue stick off with hot water. If it is someone else's print you can set it aside and send them a picture in PM.
  • Prepping the bed Both Bert and Ernie have beds that need a little help with adhesion. Use the preview of your part on the bed (in slice software) to apply children's glue stick to that area of the bed.

Loading and unloading filament

  • Heat the nozzle to between 200 and 220 deg. using the LCD or temperture tab in the printers Octoprint page.

Absolute slicing settings

Bed size: 220x220

Print Height: 250

Nozzle size: .4mm

Filament dia.: 1.75mm

Feel free to download the ProusaSlicer printer profile for use on your own computer.

Variable Slicing Settings

All other slicing settings depend on material and aspects of the part. The table below contains the latest tested slicing profiles and is only considered a starting point. Consult your software manuals on how to import these profiles. A good source of information for all the variable settings can be found here and here.

PrusaSlicer Works with nearly-default Ender 3 settings
Simplify3D PLA

Printing With Octoprint

Octoprint access when you are on the internal space Member Wifi

login URL:

User: AHAender3

Pass: TheNextGeneration