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#Update Membership (Training needed)
#Update Membership (Training needed)
#Help Run Shift! ([ Training needed])
#Help Run Shift! ([ Training needed])
'''Other Tasks'''
#Helping people with projects!
#Add anything else here : )

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This is a very quick run down of tasks that often need to be done around AHA. Some are less glamorous than others, but they all help keep AHA awesome. By doing them, you become awesome.

Please complete this form if you do any of these

To see who has helped in the past 7 days

Donate : )

  1. Donate online via Credit/Debit Card
  2. Donate at AHA via Cash/Credit/Debit/Check

15 - 30 Minute Tasks

  1. Check / Update Inventory
  2. Clean & Stock Bathroom
  3. Clean Concession Areas
  4. Clean Front Entrance
  5. Clear & Wipe Down Tables
  6. Dump Dehumidifier
  7. General Promotion
  8. Pickup Concessions
  9. Put Away Tools
  10. Stock Concessions
  11. Sweep / Vacuum Floors
  12. Take out Trash/Recyclables

30 - 60 Minute Tasks

  1. Organize Computer Area
  2. Organize Craft Area
  3. Organize Hand Tools
  4. Organize Loud Noise Area
  5. Organize Electronics Area
  6. Organize Front Desk
  7. Organize Prototyping Area
  8. Organize Safety
  9. Help someone with a project!

60+ Minute Tasks

  1. Update Accounting (Training needed)
  2. Update Membership (Training needed)
  3. Help Run Shift! (Training needed)

Other Tasks

  1. Helping people with projects!
  2. Add anything else here : )