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This page is intended to document major things like:

Floor Plan

Current space is roughly ~1,400 sq ft of space.

Here is a folder of filescontaining current and proposed floor plans for the CURRENT location at 525 E. Liberty St

Electrical / Power

There are two circuit breakers that power AHA.

  • We should avoid altering outlets without consent of others / going through official channels.
  • We need to document the distribution of outlets > breakers


  • This is largely the landlord's domain.
  • We used to have an issue where the sewage lines would back up past our toilets. This was unfortunate, because it would then back up into and out of our toilets.
    • Should one toilet back up, that's probably our problem.
    • Should all of the toilets back up and overflow out into the bathroom, that's the landlord's problem, call them immediately and request emergency services + a clean up crew.

Heating / Ventilation

  • The landlord owns the Air Conditioner, but does not maintain it.
    • There have been ongoing issues where leaks in the sidewalk have possibly caused significant rust damage to the ductwork. If it is indeed from water leaking onto the HVAC duct, the landlord should fix and pay.

Maintenance of Air Conditioner

  • This should happen at least once a year. What the involves is unknown. We should find a reputable HVAC company and have them check things out. This will likely cost $100+.

LASER Cutter Ventilation

  • This is AHA's responsibility. Presumably owned by and maintained by AHA.


The computing and network infrastructure at AHA is owned by AHA. The network is presently maintained by Tyler Worman. A network and computer infrastructure project is being planned to revamp the setup. More information on the project can be found here Computing Infrastructure or here LDAP INFRASTRUCTURE