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* [[Finding Information]]
* [[Finding Information]]
* [[Events]]
* [[Events]]
* [[Wish List]]
* [[:Category:HOWTO|HOWTOs]]
* [[:Category:HOWTO|HOWTOs]]

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All Hands Active - The World's friendliest Hackerspace

Info for Members
Space and Equipment

About All Hands Active
Info for Staff
Info for Directors/Officers

Resources and Records

A list of the current officers and members of the Board.

Procedures and Instructions

HOWTO Park your car 
Rubber side down.
HOWTO Close up the space 
A checklist to complete if you are the last one out at the end of the night.
HOWTO Host an event at All Hands Active 
Scheduling, publicity, day-of tasks.

Other procedures, including membership processing are on the Procedures and Instructions page.