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Next in person meetup on this: Sunday, Nov. 3rd from 12:00pm to 2:30pm

Current Information

This document has been temporarily hijacked. Becoming a member is not a very clear process either online or at the space. For now, this document seeks to help alleviate that.

Our current membership documents are available online at:

Our current membership page on the AHA web site is available at:

Things that need doing

  1. Make it clear how to become a member at AHA
  2. Make it clear how to become a member online
  3. When someone intiates an automated payment via paypal, they should:
    1. Be taken to a page thanking them + include details on:
      1. What forms need to be filled (This is now happening)
        1. That they can pick these forms up at the shop as well
      2. What they should do with these forms once they are filled out
      3. Who they can contact for more information
      4. When they can expect keys/code/etc.
    2. A notification to whoever handles membership needs to be sent
    3. Receive an automated email detailing the same as above
  4. When someone makes a payment at AHA via cash / check / credit
    1. The same information needs to be relayed as if they had paid online
    2. A notification to whoever handles membership needs to be sent
  5. Make sure our membership information is up to date and consistent across
    1. AHA Website
    2. Google Drive
    3. Wiki
    4. Print material at shop
    5. Board, Staff mental banks
  6. Assemble a wiki page that covers the process of becoming a member from start to finish
    1. From the perspective of AHA as an organization
    2. From the perspective of a potential new member
  7. Checklist for when someone is getting their key / code
    1. Digital Copy of Welcome Card located on AHA local network: \\aha-control\shared\dropbox\Official AHA Stuff\Labels & General Notices\New Member Welcome Card\
    2. Physical Copy of Welcome Cards are in the AHA Admin Locker #33
    3. Who has what Key / Code: Kept on Private Google Members Doc (Current AHA Shop Directors w/Google Accounts can access + Josh Williams + Jamie Finerman)
      1. Someone needs to walk through this with the new member. They should check off each item as it is covered

Updating the Member List

The member list can be viewed here, this is not public as it includes payment, codes, etc.

How to update this?

Get payment information from

Get payment information from

Out of Date Information

Membership Processing

…is available at three levels:

Standard: $50/month gets you

- 24-hour access with a key and door fob (must be vouched for by two full-access members for 24/7 access)
- A storage locker to call your own
- Discounted classes
- One vote in any organizational elections
- 15 hours of PC or console time per month
- 50% off O'Reilly e-books
- 40% off O'Reilly paper books

Student or Starving Hacker: $20/month gets you

- The same basic benefits as a standard membership, but at a more affordable rate for those who cannot afford the full price.
- 5 hours of PC or console use per month.
- (Please contact the Board of Directors at ahead of time to discuss this option!)

Gamer (for those who just want to use the PCs or consoles): $20/month gets you:

- 24-hour access with a key and door fob (must be vouched for by two full-access members for 24/7 access)
- 5 hours of PC or console use per month.

Some other great reasons to become a member!

- Access to a variety of tools for your crafting/tech needs!
- The use of machines you probably won’t have sitting around your house! (CNC, laser cutter, 3d printer, etc.)
- Networking and connections with a collection of creative folk!
- Experience the pulse of the Maker Movement and its addition to education in Ann Arbor!
- Warm fuzzies for helping to support a great community resource

What do I do if I want to be a member?

- Come visit the space at 525 E. Liberty, check us out, try out our tools.
- Bring a project for Build Night, every thursday from about 8:00 to 10:00.
- Chat with us on IRC and join the mailing lists you like.
- Choose a membership level and fill out a membership form.
- If applicable, pick out your locker and start taking more classes!
- Get your keys and RFID tag to the space.
- For keyed members, USE US! We’re here for your Making needs, rain or shine, 24/7.