Minutes:08 Apr 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Ken L., Nick R., Alex W., Esty T., Tyler S., John H., Larry W., Dan R., Zach S., John N., Nate Y., Gino D.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:00
  • Meeting ends at: 20:45

(15 min) Open For All!

  • Guests Expected To Attend:
  • Gerald Coggins - Facilities Maintenance Resolution - Did not attend.
  • Jon Huhn - Computer Platform Operating System Plans
  • John Nagle - BYB

Bandsaw is still being abused. We need to replace brushes (req'd for BYB production work). The back room is very clean otherwise, though. Note - IF you do not know how to use a tool properly ask for help

Questions raised about the duration of reprimands. Reprimands have no duration by default -- member must come into board meeting to address them (either appeal or remove). Board confirmed AHA DOES NOT have a "3 strikes and your out" policy. Should members be unable to work out disputes, they may bring problems to the attention of the Board for action.

Message moderation is done by the Board and Nate Y. in a timely fashion.

John H. has had folks talking about installing Linux on the public PCs, feels it will alienate some users who rely on Windows applications. AHA doesn't have money enough to buy site license for Windows 10, so that's why Linux was in such high demand (can be done now vs. much later on). Zach S. has contact info for the SE-MI Microsoft "evangelist", offered to give Larry info to see if we can get any kind of deal. Board decides to set a target date for resolving the issues with the PCs. Expect some sort of multi-platform solution due to varied member needs.

Tyler S. notes that Penguicon folks came down here. Daniel D. from P-con offered to put us in touch with the AutoCAD folks. Also interested in getting the badges. Nate Y. will get in touch with Nuri and Scott about the badges.

Old Business

Action Item Status

  • AMF Paid Up To Date - Thank You Rakesh!!!!

- Nick R. set up a single payment to get AMF caught up. Nate Y. will get a recurring PayPal payment setup for Nick.

  • Inventory Status - Nate Y. - still going on

- Nate Y. plans to integrate the remaining inventory-taking with the Spring Cleaning event.

  • laser cutter rates implemented - instruction updated...unsure of wiki

- Laser cutter class showing up for Saturday and Sunday, Nate Y. will fix this or at least look at it.

  • NO CUT List posted by the laser - Thanks Nick R.!!!
  • Monthly Task List posted on bulletin board for Volunteer Hours. [1]

Formal Event Request Status (Ken L.)

ANNUAL EVENTS - How do we get people interested and committed in helping out?

  • FoolMoon - 4/11 Dusk to Midnight

- Nothing planned currently as a group.

  • FestiFools - 4/12 4pm-5pm

- Nothing planned.

  • GameStart Spring Festival - 4/18 10am-2pm - AHA will be there with 1 electric car

- Ken got an email from GSS about what we can do. They are awaiting a reply.

  • Penguicon - 4/24-26 (no soldering support, AHA 3D printing hands for Raptor Reloaded [2]

- Nate Y. will coordinate

  • AAHOM TechTwilite - 5/15 6:30pm-9pm

- We need to tell them what we are doing, but it's thought just requesting a table at this point is sufficient. Maybe broach the subject for the membership at the election night. - Nick suggests running a special ham radio station that night.

  • A2 MiniMaker Faire - Saturday 6/6 10am-4pm

- See Twilight

  • Detroit Maker Faire - July 25-26 9:30am-6pm

- See twilight

Standing Committee Reports

(10 min) Financial - Zach S.

  • March 2015 P&L - [3]

- Lots of money from donations again. We are good into the black this month!

- Zach will check into iQguys debt. Believes we are close to retiring this debt permanently.

(20 min) Governance - Ken

  • Membership Update (Larry W.)
  • Monthly Membership Update [4]

- 51 members this month, an increase of 5 from last month!

  • Finalized Membership Forms submitted for final approval. - Larry

- Need to set a date on when we will publish these new Membership Forms. 48 hours from now for Board to decide on whether we should approve them or offer corrections.

  • Nate Y to initiate recurring payments w/ AMF

- Doin' it!

  • Elections coming up in April

- Ken will send a reminder with the current Board Nominees.

- Important dates: 3/23 - Board nomination period starts, 4/16 - Board nomination period ends, 4/23 - Board Elections

- CRM (ie. Salesforce) - Need tasks mapped to AHA processes for testing.

- Larry and Ken will meet about Salesforce by May 15th.

(10 min) Operations & Facilities - Nick

  • Display Case soon to depart for Gamestart

- Everyone glad we didn't have to trash it.

  • Electric cars will slowly move over to Gamestart as space permits

- First meeting is scheduled for the evening of 4/8 with Jacob M. and crew.

  • "New" laptops kept in file cabinet. Old Dell now loaded with Fedora
  • Improvement Projects (small laser cutter, redo front desk, kitchen improvement, sand blaster coming as soon as space is made for it) - to be part of Spring Clean

Monthly Maintenance report [ADD APRIL LINK HERE filed here].

- Urinal is fixed for real.

- No idea what's going on with the cloudy water in the toilets. Jim suggested in an email to try dumping dyed water to see if that's really where it's coming from.

- No resolution for sewer gas issue. Nick will tell Gerald to try the smoke-test trick to identify leaks.

- New A/C heater for the Kossel -- Alex has an extruder in the works.

- Tachometer on the Ryobi drill press is dead. Nate Y. will take a look.

- Elevation Burger donated drywall to fix the the Holey Wall.

- Nick got some GCode made for the Raptor hand for Penguicon. Need to finish the print, even if it needs a little work afterward.

- Nate Y. will send out a message to FB to try and get folks interested in helping the Raptor print in on a Saturday.

  • Should AHA implement a "points system" that could be applied toward your monthly membership fee? The more unpleasant a task you do (ie. bathroom, the more points you get).

- Lot of opinions! We should discuss more some other time.

(10 min) Staff - Larry

  • All Shift staff trained [5]

- More staff trained than we can currently fit into a slot!

- Larry is encouraging current staff to be more proactive with communication if they think they can't make their shift.

(10 min) Fundraising - Larry

Monthly Fundraising Report

- Nothing currently on-going this month.

- According to Gino D., we are allotted a spot for A2 Art Fair since we are a business on E. Liberty. Larry also knows someone who can give us space in an official A2AF spot. Larry will contact the Art Fair folks and Dana N..

(15 min) Outreach - Larry

  • Class Schedule - April posted any minute now, Website and Social Media updated

- Larry will sit down with Nate and show him how to do the schedule stuff.

  • FYI - I'm organizing a Washtenaw County Wide Meeting for Maker/Hacker Leaders as follow-up to last October. Emily P-R is too busy and we plan to rotate it through the spaces themselves. Date/Time - TBD

- Emily has passed on the torch to organize this event since she has too many commitments. AHA will be the next place this happens when it happens. Supposed to be a quarterly event. There is another event which focuses on kids, driven by UMSI/AADL/Brainmonkeys, etc..

- Zach suggests an "Ann Arbor Makes!" day at such a meeting, that encourages city-wide making, and moves around between various places.

New Business

  • Spring Clean Scheduled for Sunday May 3rd! - notice coming soon - Larry to send.