Minutes:08 JAN 2020 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting starts: 1938 Meeting ends: 2124

Board members (and other members) present: Nate, Adam (Mike, James)

Mike has some ideas to collaborate with community organizers to get us more standing in the community, and to get AHA more utilized.

Mike raises issues with cost/accessibility -- some of these groups don't have much money to spend on AHA memberships.

James has some concerns about any group that has access to AHA possibly lacking training for our tools and such.

"Floating" memberships for groups are convenient, but there are long-term logistical issues around policy/safety at AHA. There's a suggestion to start a document we can use to disseminate this information easily.

Brain Dump begins:

- Nate brings up the need to address money issues. James wants to develop some simple system that will calculate income vs. costs and gives an average amount required to remain solvent.

- James segues into urging us to further develop our corporate sponsorships. Adam also has possible contacts he'd like to pursue.

- There is a general consensus that we should organize another open-house-style event specifically catered to potential corporate sponsors (show off projects, make a presentation on why it's worth supporting us, etc.)

- James brings up the need to keep track of contacts, the conversations that were have/where they left off, etc.

- James also mentions the need for a member-tracking system (see above?) to get control of membership tracking.

- Annex sublet - Flipside? SPARK?

- Oxford items need follow-up/addressing

- General information flyer (full/quarter sheets) for general-purpose information about AHA

- Same as above, but for monthly events

- Get the doors working (main door/external door). James and Nate set up a work party date. Nate will update on the mailing list.

- Nate brings up the need to get new website deployed

- Plan a new social event/electronic music expo. Get the artists from the last one involved somehow?

- February class list/flyer

- Taxes? From 990N, sales tax? Should both be easy.

- Fundraiser updates!

- Proposal to re-organize the structure of the AHA leadership/meetings like this to be less Board-focused and more member-focused.

- More discussions into how we can balance being open and welcoming to new folks vs. making sure they understand how to work well with our existing member.

- Confirm James for pro-tem board position!

- Phone line for the space?

- Open source chat client