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Meeting was moved to 9/16. Meeting starts at: 19:20, ends at 21:05. Meeting attendees: Dana N., Josh W., Khevna S., Nate Y., Zach W., Andrew S.

(15 min) Open For All!

Zach and Dana should fill this out. :P

(15 min) Status of Previous Action Items

Andrew is starting on QB improvements

Four AHA people ideal for Oculus Rift hackathon kickoff on Oct. 11, four for testing on Oct. 13, two for Oct. 14 for teardown. Promotion needed! http://a2vrhack.com

Josh will make sure all model URLs for DMF scans are up soon, will email emails and model URLs to Khevna and Nate Y.

Nate Y. scheduled bootloader hackathon for Oct. 5th Noon to midnight or until people get tired.

Ana is taking over thank yous. Should be done around Oct. 10th-ish. Josh will get mailing addresses for donors.

Nate will get proof of concept together for door lock, set meeting date soon after.

Dana is sending out survey by the end of the week.

Zach emailed lawyer, expecting response soon.

Job board discussed today!

(5 min) Financial Update

Need more money. We are falling behind this month by about $630.

Zach is willing to buy the vending machine for $300.

Hounding members for dues might help -- been over four months since last bugging. Josh will be taking over this.

Dana wants to put kits for noobs together to get more people in here. Needs help with this, will set up a time to do it by 9/18.

Would be good to put together a new kit each month to keep things fresh!

Dana will communicate with Zach/Barracuda about AHA classes for adults in the next two weeks.

Other ideas for kits include DIY cell phone, DIY Arduino-based project. Classes on RPi, etc..

(5 min) Membership Update

Josh will be going over membership stuff on Wednesday to straighten out backlog of dues, etc..

(5 min) Job board request for help - Josh

Cards all printed out, job board almost ready to go. We'll be rolling this out Thursday.

Job reminders every week? In person at events with lots of members? Webcam for job board for remote viewage.

Everyone will need to sign a new membership form... Starting Thursday.

We need more staff. Send out emails to former staff members to mention that we've changed up the way shift works drastically, maybe they are interested in helping again? Could also extend this to members needing to fulfill their monthly job obligations.

(10 min) Landlord / Rent Compensation Update

Landlord has mostly resolved stench, no longer should have poop backups in the bathroom, caulked alleyway. We were refunded around $41/day we were closed.

We need to hear back from lawyers about what to do for additional compensation, if anything.

(10 min) 501c3 Update

Haven't heard back from Ed.

We're going try to meet with him on 23th/24th after work for dinner.

(5 min) Open House!

Lots of people! Still space left over despite being lots of people! People liked that the space looked a lot cleaner, more inviting, functional.

We need to get in touch with the people who signed the guest book. Things to tell them about:

  • We run classes
  • We are member-supported
  • We are a relaxed and supportive community
  • Lots of time and space to work on your own projects, socialize with other Makers.

Josh will draft an email to the above effect, send out by the end of the week.

Next time we need to set up earlier, invite more people/our neighbours!

(5 min) Board Elections

Nate Y. will send out the email announcing board elections by Friday 9/27.

Let's come up with some items for the next board to focus on before the email goes out on 9/27; e.g. streamlining the donation process, raising ~$500 or so extra per month, etc..

Wrap Up / Action Item Condensed List

- All		9/22/2013	Work to promote the Oculus Rift Hackathon to interested parties, more info at: a2vrhack.com
- All		9/24/2013	Come up with tasks we would very much like to see the next board focus on (Be as specific as possible), ie:
- - Bring in an average of 12 members over the 6 months board period (instead of the average 6)
- - Bring in $500 in additional money by raising awareness of workshops, classes, etc.
- - Make sure the 501c3 gets pushed through if it doesn't by the end of the current term
- - Document ways through the 501c3, or through our Fiscal Sponsor on how we can accept donations."
- Ana		10/10/2013	Has offered to write TY Cards for awesome donors
- Andrew	9/18/2013	Work with Josh to provide a very basic report on monthly finances.
- Andrew	9/18/2013	Work with Josh to begin getting his head wrapped around Quickbooks
- Dana		9/18/2013	Provide a date and time for help to assemble Craft Kits by 9/18
- Dana		9/22/2013	Send a survey to Summer Camp parents
- Dana		9/30/2013	Have Craft Kits ready for use by the end of September
- Dana		9/30/2013	Communicate with Zach on Barracuda Class Options
- Josh		9/18/2013	Email Open House follow up email
- Josh		9/18/2013	Have basic documentation on how to update membership data
- Josh		9/18/2013	Post info on a LUMI Build Day for the LUMI Shirt Supplies from Instructables
- Josh		9/19/2013	Have the Job Board Ready for use
- Josh		9/22/2013	Have October Event Listings posted
- Josh		9/25/2013	Provide Khevna and Nate a spreadsheet with a list of the 3D Scan URLs and associated email addresses w/a default letter
- Josh		9/25/2013	Provide mailing addresses to Ana for as many people as possible
- Josh		10/10/2013	Follow up on BYB Billing
- Josh		9/19/2013	Have new membership forms printed
- Josh		9/19/2013	Call Ed if email communication by afternoon has failed to occur
- Josh		9/18/2013	Take over membership and have a report generated by end of this day
- Josh		9/16/2013	Email Ed to communicate about reviewing 501c3 app one last time. Preferably over dinner w/Nate.
- Josh		9/16/2013	Write draft of Open House Follow Up email, get feedback from Board.
- Josh		9/18/2013	Bill BYB for August/September Membership
- Josh		9/18/2013	Write up an email for the ahashop directors to promote to find new staff for
- Josh		9/18/2013	Update Nate with the location of possible RFID supplies
- Nate		9/20/2013	Meet on 9/20/2013 at 5:30pm to create a list of things to do to prep for an Event
- Nate		9/22/2013	Provide basic information / supplies to Zach for the Penguicon Badges
- Nate		9/22/2013	Write up event info for a PenguiCon hackathon from 12pm to Midnight on October 5th
- Nate		9/24/2013	Email board elections by 9/24/2013, or 9/27/2013? (So we can hold the Board Election Celebration on Thursday, Oct. 24th)
- Nate		9/30/2013	Communicate date/time w/ Khevna & Martin re: Door Lock
- Zach		9/22/2013	Purchase the vending machine at AHA for $300. Coordinate w/AHA Members to help lift
- Zach		9/22/2013	Communicate to Josh at least one class description & date/time he would like to offer in October
- Zach		9/25/2013	Try to get an update from his Lawyer contact on landlord proceeding options