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Action items followup

  • Let's check in on the remaining action items.

501c3 update/future

  • An update on things after Nate Y.'s chat with Matt Bower.


  • Where are we at for January?
    • Josh/Khevna: Things are looking much better. After paying for the significant items (Rent, MYTH, Internet, iQguys), we have around $1,500 left over. We have >two more weeks in this month to raise another $1,500.
    • Josh/Khevna: Membership income this month appears to be around $1,300, that's about $200 more than the average for this year, January should be even better.
    • Josh/Khevna: Gaming Station income is up about $100
    • Josh/Khevna: Bright Futures income has helped, and is expected to bring in another $400 over the next few weeks (after paying for staff)
      • It has brought in an additional $350 p/month (after paying staff) for the past two months.


  • We need to do another one of these. Let's discuss some content for the next one (and also a proposal on its format!).

D&O Insurance

Quick update... Mostly a reminder to Nate Y. to finish this.


  • JGW: I believe we owe for the past three years at this point.
    • Nate Dotz gave us the contact for a lawyer, I have not called him yet : / (I am not sure if this was specific for 501c3 filing process, or our general tax needs. Regardless, I have not made the phone call)

LoL Event - JGW

  • JGW: LoL Tournament was a great success in bringing new gamer faces to the place.
    • It took about ~100 man hours of work (not including marketing), and the place was effectively closed / non functional for other uses for two days
    • We brought in about $50 as a result. Normal Saturday business probably would have brought in ~$100
      • It seems to be general consensus that in the current space, it is difficult to run an event at the right size that is fun, low stress, and worthwhile. It seems like events of this size would not make sense to do very often (ie: Maybe quarterly). That being said:
        • John Spiher is looking into alternative ways to run external events with our name attached to it.
        • Dana had some good suggestions on running more of a ladder or league type event on a weekly/biweekly basis. Similar to having a 'build' night, maybe we could have a gaming night?

Roles & Responsibilities - JGW

  • A general run down of what/who/responsibilities can be found at: http://wiki.allhandsactive.com/Staff_Roles
    • A lot of people are helping out, some more / some less. There is not a whole lot of oversight at this point. We are using astrid as a basic task check list, but it's not required for people to check things off when they are done, only that they get done. For the most part, we ask people to spend somewhere between 5 to 10 hours p/week helping out. Here is a list of those people, and a very brief explanation / update.

  • Dan Elliott
    • Computers, Electronics Area
    • Has been centralizing communication / needs between us and MYTHLOGIC. Also has helped w/3D Printers, general electronics madness. Is supposed to maintain electronics area, but I think this has fallen on the side recently.
    • Really really likes headphones. Brings all the hummous to the yard.
  • Taylor Gest
    • Shift + Promotions
    • Works two shifts
    • Talked w/Taylor recently. His current job is pretty much taking pictures and posting simple updates to AHA space. It would be nice to find other ways to get him involved.
    • Enjoys taking pictures, good ones!
  • John Spiher
    • Promoting Gaming Madness
    • Talking regularly with him. Trying to figure out best ways to integrate space, community, existing staff, with his interests.
    • Likes to think / focus on bigger picture projects.
  • Jon Huhn
    • The Cleaner
    • Assists with Isaac's Shift
    • Could use some clarification about expectations / goals.
    • Comes in and cleans up after me when I forgot to empty the bottles / take out the trash (Josh). Educational direction = human services.
  • Dana Nelson
    • Assists w/all manner of madness
    • Goal of one grant submission p/month.
    • Wants to be loved, and kick ass at the same time. Has lots of knowledge of both gaming / hacker / maker space worlds.
  • Jess Yaeger
    • Accountant
    • Keeps the books up to date, except this week.
    • We pay her to do her job. Wait, crap, that costs money.... Educational interest = teaching.
  • Jessica Lannen
    • Shift + Craft Area
    • Works one shift, assists w/one other Isaac Shift
    • Need to discuss / make sure she's checking up on craft area weekly during shifts.
    • Is ridiculously functional.
  • Isaac Perez
    • Shift + Assist w/Computers
    • Works two shifts, is under 18 so needs an adult : )
    • Need to discuss w/Dan to make sure computer situation continues to improve
    • Has an amazing attitude when things aren't going well. Always happy to help
  • James Hearn
    • Shift + Assist w/Computers
    • Works one shift, often comes in another to assist.
    • Need to discuss w/Dan to make sure computer situation continues to improve
    • Similar to Isaac, great attitude, always happy to help, always writes stuff down.
  • Jamie Finerman
    • Membership Duties
    • Is converting our current google doc data into Quickbooks so we have a centralized place for all membership information. Goal of January 2013:
      • Handling new membership emails / communication
      • Almost everything occurs in QB.
      • Past due membership hounding
      • Communicating w/members to ensure things are going smoothly
    • Is quite cheery, we need more cheery people.
  • Khevna Shah
    • Bigger Picture Accounting
    • Making sure bills are paid
    • Reviewing finances monthly, submitting information / reports to board.
    • Goal of January 2013:
      • Make sure we have a working budget
      • How to allocate finances when we have extra to spend.
    • Always happy to learn something new and awesome. Is also REALLY good at finding new members.
  • Wry
    • Dogfort maintenance
    • Helps out a lot w/random things, ie: networking / server madness
    • Not afraid to do hard work. Refuses to use general google stuff.
  • Josh Williams
    • Shop Manager ?
    • Pretends to work three shifts, is often busy / distracted
    • I need to clarify what my goals / responsibilities are
    • Currently attempting to keep all the above people connected, functioning, and place existing on a day to day basis.
    • Currently spending ~25 to 30 hours p/week managing Bright Futures
    • Really need to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing : )
  • Tyler
    • Has been working his butt off to run more classes, and attempt to get more happening.
    • Is not compensated w/membership for this.
  • Nate Yost
    • Keeps the website up to date, does awesome things, knows stuff.
    • Is not compensated w/membership for this.
  • Shift = A position that involves keeping the store open to the public. Is usually a four hour shift, sometimes five or six hours.

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting attendees: Tom M., Michael S., Michael G., Dana N., Tom H., Corey T., Greg G.

Meeting starts at 19:34

Action items:

  • Dana says she will be done Sunday or she is buying us all expensive drinks.
  • Tom H. needs help on the specifics of his items
  • Tom has credentials for Google Analytics, Twitter.

501c3 is basically done -- need to contact IRS about how to deal with Schedule E, which is why we are late. May not need accountant to help us with taxes, but if we do need to pay, Matt Bower suggested that our tax liability should be pretty small.

Yes, we are paying Josh his long-overdue $500 (all in agreement).

Greg wants us to contact BBC ETC in town to get them to help us write grants.

Long discussion related to this means we should sit down at some time to develop our "big picture" for the space, and use that to apply for grants.

On Running events:

We need to ensure that we organize the cleanup as well as the setup.

Make labels more permanent on the cores so that we know which ones go where, which peripherals belong to which ones.

If we do more tournaments, we need to try to raise more money, get more members to make it worthwhile.

Need to ensure that we have proper infrastructure far ahead of time so that we don't have networking issues/shortage of computers.

Make sure that if help is needed, it is very apparent that help is needed. Make sure to get adequate help, too.

Board wants to thank Josh for such a nice list of responsibilities and people! It's very detailed -- thanks.

Meeting ends at 20:57.