Minutes:12 OCT 2022 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1911

Meeting ends: 2048

Participants: Nate Y., Brian J., Andrew C., Donovan P., Joe D., James K.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education


  • Announcements/new business:
    • None
  • Operations:
    • Larger Area Space Reorganization -- follow-up, needed items?
      • We continue to need help to do this. Lots of things to toss out, organize, etc.
      • James says we should start looking into further organizing the electronics area, try to roll them into the Radioshack drawers, using the bin system, or otherwise organizing them into some kind of collection.
    • From the Financial Planning meeting, we came up with some other points:
      • How do we hold open hours better? Get more people involved, which days to do it?
        • We're going to cut back running Saturday open hours, perhaps once or twice a month.
      • Idea would be a "class day" where we stagger each tool training class on a single day to get maximum participation.
        • Related to this would be to create a tool checkout spreadsheet to keep track of who is allowed to use our training-required tools - Joe D.
      • Ideas on how to spend our $25k loan
  • Membership:
    • Lost one standard member, gained another (but not accounted for since paying cash). Nate and Joe will figure out how to get that better accounted for.
    • Volunteering update
      • Still having troubles tracking volunteer member hours. Also other member types are not tracked well, particularly reduced-rate folks. The general feeling is that paying members who are not using the space shouldn't be bugged too much about it. Do we just do that using door logs? We don't want to hassle folks, but we also need the help, particularly when it comes to volunteer members.
      • The general feeling is that we should try to reach out to see if things are alright with folks who can't meet their responsibilities, and if things are fine, ask if they would like to work to remedy that. If that's not possible, it could be an invitation to change to a paying membership, or possibly if it's not working to accept that dropping the membership is the best solution.
      • Author an email that relays the steps above - Joe D.
    • Membership rate increase
      • Proposal is $65/mo. for standard members and $25/mo. for reduced-rate members. The plan is to enact this rate increase at the beginning of 2023.
      • Do we adjust volunteering hours requirements to 10 hours of volunteering per month? James, Joe and Nate agree that it should be lowered from 20 hrs./mo.
      • Nate points out that we need to try to keep volunteers active on AHA-related tasks if they are there to volunteer.
      • There sometimes will need to be a mentor/mentee relationship on some tasks for volunteers
      • Other action items:
        • We need a very up-to-date volunteer list with all contact info
        • We need someone assigned to help them do their tasks


  • Partnering with co-workings spaces! - James
    • Needs to reach out to existing contact, other co-working spaces. Will get done by the end of the month.
  • Upcoming events:
    • Women In Science and Engineering (WISE UM) visit to Repairsday - 10/13 @ 6-8pm
    • Tech Trek - 10/14 @ 1-5pm
    • Artisan Market - 10/23 @ 11am-4pm
    • Sorority volunteering - Sometime in November. Joe D. will reach out.
  • Still no word from Arduino folks/Blues Amps - David
  • Time to start planning the end-of-year-fundraiser/membership drive
    • Social media - Joe D.
    • Do we have a in-person fundraiser? - Nate would be interested in putting something simple together
    • Giving Tuesday (11/29) as a proposed start for the fundraiser
    • Still need to get matching funds figured out ahead of time. Last year we had a total of $2k lined up, with $1k initially, and another $1k as a stretch goal.
  • Education: