Minutes:14 Mar 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: demure, nate, kim, henrym mike g joined late.
  • Meeting starts at: 1927, whichwich was slow....
  • Meeting ends at:

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.
  • Mike G. says he will acquire wireless doorbell.

Minutes Approval

  • Yes, we approve.

Governance - Nate

Old stuff still on table:

  • Elections are coming up.
    • Three positions are up.
    • Bios requested.
  • short term, card/sticker for proving laser qaul
  • long term pi+monitor that scans nfc cards and prints 24h + quals (demure)
  • issue with fraternity and laser.
  • suggested edit to quorum definition (kim)
    • If person unfilled/abstaining, use blank vote as with the majority.
    • need to type out and propose formally. (kim)
  • lets have each positioning have a google drive folder shared (demure)

Education/Events - Kim

New Stuff:

  • Still need to reimburse kim so kim can go forward with festifools.
    • Too late for festifool advertisement for a class.
    • Will just have members hang out and work on their own things.
  • Next potluck on night of election.
  • Vinyl cutter class coming up.
    • Looking at recording train-the-trainer classes run troughs.
  • demure could do chainmail, just needs funds to get it going.
  • Nate needs to build a badge to gauge effort.
  • need to submit a application to techtrek by march 31st. (kim)
  • Mike G likes the idea nate brought up, like i3's "wine and wiki"
    • We will look at having such an event, and limiting drinks to the classroom.

Old Stuff Still on table:

  • fullmoon (part of festifools) april 1st (kim)
    • we should have a workshop
      • need to advertise it
  • pcon (nate + nick?)
    • help assemble kits at con
    • soldering
  • factory 2 collective maker meeting (kim handling)
    • road trip!
  • tandy leather class - masks (kim)
  • big brothers/sisters (henry)
  • need more core classes
    • nate willing to do another laser
    • need a 3d printer class
      • plate broken and sharp on side

Finances - Brian


  • Brian out today, he mailed numbers.
  • He have caught up on BYB invoicing!

Numbers are good! FILL IN MORE HERE.

Fundraising - Henry(+Others?)


  • pcon is helping us with board costs
    • Will verify what kinds of receipts pcon wants.
  • Still looking at doing easter event
  • We had a generous donation, $1000!

Old Stuff:

  • we are trying to have more classes
  • we are trying to have more events
    • easter egg bot??
  • we need to figure out catalyst money to do future events? (kim)

Marketing/Outreach (Madeline officer)

Madeline out today.


  • Pinball Petes went well!
  • artfair getting a table would be too late, jan 20th was the deadline
    • If we do stuff downstairs, have water for volunteers.

Old Stuff:

  • we will look at having a social media agitator service (demure)
  • dine to donate
  • pcon
  • makerfairs!
  • floatfest
  • artfairs

Operations - Nate


  • Looking at other doors for out side latch
    • nate would like a professional
  • password manager party will be figured out. (kim+henry+demure)
  • will ask land lord about signage on back stairs.


  • we will research alternative options for website (demure)
  • ldap does let users reset
    • user will have to do it from aha's internal wifi though.
    • Untill port 5001 is open? (tyler)
  • we will look at enforcing payment rates
    • we will consider getting a permanently mounted table to pay
    • we will get a laser pay sign in big font
  • still need to do outside door
  • class room lights
    • will ask tyler about his hammer drill (brian)

Membership/volunteering demure


  • March Stats:
    • Lost one member (was only a member for a month). [11MAR2018]
    • Gain a new member and got two members others to sign up for reoccurring membership. [11MAR2018]
    • Got two people interesting in volunteering for shifts, will have them shadow me for a few weeks. [11MAR2018]
    • We currently have 3 coworkers, 16 standard, 15 reduced, 1 house hold, and 5 volunteers in good standing, 7 BYB. Note: ask demure about not good standings [14MAR2018]
  • We Now have a slack.


  • revoked a bunch of old 24h access with no payments recorded
  • note: edit membership sign up form to reflect current requires. (demure)
  • demure and kim working on on-boarding doc.
    • will submit to board for review when done
    • will then submit to others
  • working on standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • links to other docs to make jumping around easy
    • demure will sit down with others, and turn their actions into docs
  • will sit down with volunteers and clarify volunteers expectations.

To Do