Minutes:17 May 2012 General Meeting

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New Workstations

  • Prototype new stations
  • Keep gamers involved!
  • Ideally completed by ~June 15th, but that seems VERY tight.
  • Need all parts for all stations ready to assemble before disassembling cube
  • Contact Dug, i3, etc., (about Cube Purchasing) once we have pricing info for new workstations

Barbie Car

  • Needs Batteries!
  • Needs Battery Chargers!

Massive Cleaning / Org Day

  • May 25th & 26th, 4pm to 10pm

Mini Maker Faire - Spreading the Love

Mini Maker Faire - Soldering

Mini Maker Faire - Volunteering


  • Bearic continues to paint / improve.

DogFort Ventilation

Mobile White Board

Detroit Maker Faire

Tech Twilight

AADL Scratch Session

June 23rd/24th Barbecue!

Campus Campaign

  • For the Fall!