Minutes:8 Jul 2020

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  • Reportbacks from Active Systems & Working Groups - 5m
  • Finances/rent/lease renegotiation - 10m
  • Online classes/call to do more - 10m
  • Tech items:
    • Wiki migration planning
  • Volunteering logistics - 10m
  • Volunteering Projects - 5m
  • Announcements/new business - 5m


  • Rent renegotiation

Action Items

  • Thing that needs to be done
    • People/Workgroups responsible
    • Deadline/Estimate
  • Start email thread on volunteering - Joe DONE on matrix summary on wiki [Volunteering Ideas]
  • Friendly email/reach out to others in the building - Mike (PENDING)
  • Evaluate voting options on election process improvement thread - Nate, by end of this week

Running List of Projects

Active Projects

  • rent negotiation
  • wiki migration
  • Online classes
    • infrastructure for running / promoting classes unclear
    • no classes run in June! Let's get things scheduled for July
      • Joe can run fusion 360 class
      • David idea for arduino class
      • Nate home automation class
    • Critical to do these since we have no other income at the moment, besides dues.

  • Volunteering
    • Need to get things running again, see if anyone would like to teach a class during the downtime
    • Start contacting volunteer/reduced rate folks by mid-next-week.
    • list of volunteering ideas started
    • How/if to track how much people are actually volunteering?
  • Finish Website
    • Joe added a few pages and closed some issues.
      • page to pay for classes
      • added payment option to membership page
      • added reservation form for access to the space
      • remove links to the gfm and add our own donation page
    • Someone could label issues as critical or not
  • Accounting
    • Stay with freshbooks or switch?
    • Use accounting software to track individual member payments? Joe's research says that Homeowners associations and German Club use this method. Both are billed yearly, however
    • Interim solutions: better spreadsheets with documentation

Inactive Projects

  • Marketing
    • social
    • newsletter
    • local publications etc
  • election system
  • Ongoing Wiki Maintinance
  • determine how new members can join during COVID-19
  • determine how people can qualify on new tools during COVID-19
    • Online/video class followed by brief in person qualification?
  • Find Sponsors
    • Have a clear idea of what we bring to the community

Future Projects

  • Social Events
  • Partner with scouts
  • How to increase diversity