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## Facebook Page:
## Facebook Page:
## Facebook Friend Page:
## Facebook Friend Page:
##Made in A2
#All Hands Active
#All Hands Active

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Places to Promote: Online


  1. All Hands Active
    1. Facebook Page:
    2. Facebook Group:
  2. Digital Ops
    1. Facebook Page:
    2. Facebook Page:
    3. Facebook Friend Page:
  3. Slack
    1. Made in A2
  4. Nextdoor


  1. All Hands Active
  2. Digital Ops

Mailing List

  1. All Hands Active
    1. The AHA Shop (Main Public):!forum/ahashop
    2. AHA Barbie (Barbie Car Public):!forum/aha_barbie
    3. AHA Staff (For General Staff):!forum/ahops_staff
    4. AHA Directors (Public View, Private Post):!forum/ahashop_directors
  1. Digital Ops
    1. Digital Ops Mailing List (Subscribe Only):

Places to Promote: Real Life

In Store

  1. Posters
    1. Top of stairwell
    2. Pillars
    3. Bathrooms
    4. Downstairs door: Front & Back Side
  2. Computers
    1. Smartlaunch News Posting

Around Town

Comments on Promoting

  1. Web sites should be updated at least once a week
  2. Facebook pages should be updated multiple times a week
  3. In Store Promotions should happen at least once a month
  4. Mailing Lists should be updated twice a month