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Install Windows 10

  • Boot Windows 10 Pro DVD - Image located on NAS
  • Click Install Windows 10
  • Enter a Windows 7 CD key. CD Key used on each windows machine is documented on NAS. The Windows 7 keys are valid for our 10 licenses and have been authorized on each machine. If this is a re-install no key should be needed provided the computer was previously activated.
  • Accept the license terms.
  • Custom Install (Advanced)
  • Delete all existing partitions.
  • Create a partition that encompasses the entire disk. Press Yes if Windows asks to create additional partitions.
  • Press Next and allow windows to copy files and install.
  • Install completes and reboots.
  • On Get Going fast screen click customize setting
  • Turn off all personalization and location features and press next.
  • Turn off all connectivity and error reporting and press next
  • Turn off all Browser protection and update settings and press next.
  • Windows shows a black screen and configures the PC... Wait while it updates and reboots
  • Who owns this PC screen, "I own it"

Create user account

  • During Windows setup Sign in screen, pick skip this step.
  • Who's going to use this pc "Admin"
  • Use the default Admin password for the AHA machines
  • Password hint is "Maker"
  • Press Next

Configure Windows 10

  • Disable IPv6 (Control Panel, Networking, Uncheck Ipv6)
  • Add a network printer, it won't find it so manually add via TCP/IP Do not share printer
  • Change hostname to AHA-PC# where number is the workstation of the machine you are using.

Add GamerAdmin account

Create an account that we'll use to setup and enable steam to install games.

  • Create a windows admin account called GAMERADMIN.
  • This is a non-microsoft account with only local credentials
  • Use the standard password for the GAMERADMIN account
  • Disable home screen login.

Install AHA Software

Software is on NAS \\hub\AHASoftware

  • Install Adobe Suite
    • Extract all 3 discs to same folder on C drive.
    • The first disc likes to extract to it's own folder. You'll need to move Disk 2/3 into the disc 1 folder.
    • Finish installer from first disk
    • CDKey on NAS
    • Install to C:\Adobe\
  • Install Ninite Bundle (Un-install Steam if it gets installed)
  • Install Arduino
  • Install Cad Software (Eagle - Freeware, Free, Ki, Libre, OpenSCAD)
  • Install Steam to C:\Steam
  • Install Unity Game Engine
  • Install Blender

Disable startup programs

In Task Manager show details, switch to startup.

  • Disable Dropbox
  • Disable Skype
  • Disable OneDrive
  • Disable Catalyst Control Center

Setup Login Script

  • From \\hub\AHASoftware\Aha Promo Graphics copy rhinoblue.bmp to C:\
  • From \\hub\AHASoftware\ copy setupDrives to c:\

In Windows startup Local Group Policy Editor as Admin

  • Under User Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Logon/Logoff)
  • add the script as a login script.

Setup LDAP authentication/configuration

Follow LDAP configuration/pGina instructions shown here

Setup Steam via RunAsGui

This enables all users to run steam as elevated admin and install games they wish to play. Instructions

Remove Standard Desktop software

  • Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Desktop (Hidden folder)
  • Delete all icons but Arduino, Eclipse, Google Chrome, and the New Steam Icon