Face Shield V3

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This is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use in healthcare we can craft at the space for emergencies and supply gaps. It is a barrier to prevent droplets coughed/sneezed by one person, from entering the eyes/nose/mouth of another person, to prevent spread of disease. If using a respirator (like an N95 mask) is necessary to prevent infection, a face shield is likely also necessary for protection of the eyes/face.


It is composed of two pieces, a frame, and a visor. Both pieces can be quickly cut on our Laser Cutter. The frame is cut from 1/4" Acrylic, and is secured to the head by a rubberband connecting the ends of either arm. The visor mounts on the frame, and is the transparent, stiff plastic that serves as the barrier.

The visor is ideally cut from sheet extruded PETG/PC of 1/64"-1/16" thickness. In this case, 5 symmetric holes are used to slide the visor onto the frame, and secure it in place. It is also possible to use commonly available transparency sheets, but these are only large enough for the 3 middle holes. In this case, the visor requires tape or other material to keep it secured to the frame.

The design includes optional foam pads for comfort, especially during long periods of use. We haven't cut these yet, and this particular component is simple enough that it may be better suited to other volunteer labor.