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Thank you! Seriously. This place is amazing, but it could not happen without you.

There is a LOT to cover here. Ideally you should be able to get through all this today and feel comfortable referencing it in the days beyond.

Also, this is a wiki, you are encouraged to create an account and make improvements to it. Thank you!

What should I know / have done by the end of today?

 Opening up The Shop!

  • Open Sign turned on (by top front door)
  • Lights in main stairwell on (Light switches at top and bottom of stairwell)
  • Lights in main room on (Four light switches by front door ALL THE WAY UP!)
  • Lights by Craft Area, four light switches
  • Back door to bathroom unlocked
  • Lights in bathrooms and back stairwell on
  • Do a quick walk around clean up, bag up any trash that's full
  • Top door unlocked
  • Put out AHA sign (if ground is frozen, use a rod and hammer)
  • Bottom door propped open

 Greet people when they come in

Above all, your goal is to encourage making and creating at AHA. The first step in making this happen is to greet everyone that comes through the front door. Say hello!

Beyond that, asking if people need anything, helping locate tools, assisting with their projects, or working on your own awesome projects are great ways to keep the action happening throughout your shift.

 Get up to speed on Safety

Read our Safety Guidelines, this includes information on:

  • What to do in an emergency
  • Where our First Aid Kits are
  • Where you can find Safety Gear
  • How to handle shoplifting situations

 Get up to speed on the register

  • There is a printed document behind the front desk with instructions on how to do this
  • * This printed document needs to be updated!
  • How to ring up snack/concession sales
  • How to ring up a membership (and include their contact info!)

 Know how to verify someone's membership

This is good to know if you are:

  • Closing up at the end of the night
  • Need to leave the shop in the middle of a shift
  • Whoever is supposed to show up for the second shift hasn't shown up

When there is no one on shift to watch the store, people NOT on the Members list (by front desk) CANNOT be in the shop unless:

  • They are being vouched for by another member who IS on the list.
  • Members who vouch must understand THEY are responsible for any non-members actions.

Another way to check to see if they are a 24/7 member, ask them to;

  • Use their key to lock the outside door
  • Use their fob (or code) to unlock the downstairs front door from the outside for you.
  • If they have a functional key/code, then they can stay.

IF you do need to close up early, please shoot an email to the AHA Staff and AHA Members Mailing lists letting people know what's up.

 Find at least one tool in each section

A wiki category page of our tools

  • Safety Kits/First Aid in Safety
  • Membership/Liability Forms by the Front Desk
  • Soldering irons in the Electronics Area
  • Sewing machines in the Craft Area
  • Utility Knives near the Craft Area
  • Torx Head Screw Drivers in the Hand Tools Area
  • A Power Drill in a bin in the Power Tools Area
  • 3D Printer and LASER Cutting PrototypingTools
  • Dishes and Paper Towels in the Kitchen/Cleaning Supplies Area
  • Extra Paper in the Office Supplies Filing Cabinets
  • Don't worry if you can't find all these things on your first day  : )

 Where to find information about AHA

  • If it's an emergency/danger, call 911
  • Search for it on the AHA Wiki (Good job!)
  • Search for it on the AHA Website
  • Ask someone around the shop.
  • Send an email to the mailing list, or if you really need to know right now:
  • Check out the IMPORTANT CONTACTS LIST next to the Member list on the display case.

 Add yourself and access the AHA members + Staff mailing lists

  • AHA Public Mailing List
  • AHA Members Mailing List - Click and request to join, any AHA Member can approve.
    • If we ever need to close early, or something occurs that may inhibit other people from using the space / tools, please make sure this list is informed.
  • AHA Staff Mailing List - Click and request to join, the Staff Volunteer Director can approve.
    • This list is primarily used by Staff to let other staff know that they need to swap shifts : )
  • Email the Staff Mailing list and ask for the link to the AHA Important Contacts Document
    • Add yourself to the AHA Important Contacts. Congrats you are now an important person : )
    • This doc should not be publicly accessible as it contains lots of peoples' personal info/contact stuffs.

 Closing Up

  1. Even if you aren't closing up (someone else is taking over after you), this is good to review.
  2. Review the 'closing up shop' list attached to the inside downstairs front door. I don't think that file is online ATM, but it is on the door.
  3. A more detailed list of closing activities is on the 2nd page of the Membership Responsibilities document [1]
  4. Make sure only keyed members and vouched guests are in the shop when you leave
    1. If you are interested in helping to manage the Active Membership list, please contact Larry!