Grant Eligibility

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Grant Eligibility

In general, eligibility for grants is determined by whether Maker Spaces offer classes, engage in their community, and comply with safety regulations. There are grants available for improving spaces, and there may be grants available for help complying with regulations.

Grants for AHA

As of February 9, 2019, no comprehensive list of grants AHA might be eligible for has been made. However, there are a few websites that might offer information about grants the space could apply for:

Most grants for the type of space AHA is assume that at least some of the classes offered are for children, including technology-based courses. It may be difficult to find grants for a community or primarily adult space.

Non-Grant Funding

A few non-grant possibilities exists. Specifically, local businesses might be interested in sponsoring the space, or partnering with the space.

Flipside is interested in possibly partnering with AHA to offer classes.