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Disposal at a hackerspace has its subtleties as we generate a great diversity of garbage. Toxic waste, e-waste and scrap metal is the user's responsibility for now, until we have better systems in place for dealing with it. Please do not leave it at the space without ample informed consent. If such waste is found at the space, please see below or coordinate its removal with someone who's comfortable with it. Don't just throw it in the trash!

Routine trash and recycling

Regular trash goes to a compactor on the premises. The compactor is located at the west end of the S 5th Ave parking lot (North of AHA!). The compactor requires a code, which is hidden conspicuously in the chore list under the bathroom key. When you arrive at the compactor, it will most likely be locked (otherwise, lucky you). Turn the handle to open the door. If the handle doesn't turn, type in the code, and a mechanical noise will indicate it can be opened. Open the door up and throw the garbage in. When you close and lock the door, the compaction process will begin. Be safe!

New trash bags are in the Cleaning Supplies cabinet in the main room.

Recycling is behind Afternoon Delight in City of Ann Arbor recycling carts (cans). Just find a can with room and throw it in.

Difficult items


E-waste shows up at the space in great snowdrifts despite everyone's best efforts to stem the tide, but is difficult to properly dispose of. Staples will accept relatively intact cables, keyboards, monitors, laptop and desktop computers and similar items for recycling. Washtenaw county has recycling advice that may be useful.


Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-off Station will recycle larger volumes of scrap metal for a $3 fee.

Wood scraps

Small wood scraps go in the trash compactor with regular trash. Or take them to your friend's bonfire, but only if you know how to do so safely: some wood in the scrap bins is not burnable. Larger scraps and construction debris needs to find a home such as the Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-off Station.