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The internets are here!

ACD| 75mbps/`5mbps

  1. Connection to outside world: ACD provided DSL Modem.
    1. Location: On the rack in the 3D printing room.
    2. Supports wired connections on port 1 and 2. Exposes anything connected to the internet.## Connected to it:


  1. Dude my game is lagging?
    1. Open "Ping Check" from the desktop alternatively open "Command Prompt" from the start menu and type "ping -t" press enter
      1. Under 100ms good sign check individual computer
      2. Over 100ms probs comcast issue skip to step 4
      3. If it says time out, wait one or two minutes, notify customers that we are waiting for return.
    2. Check all computers for HD streaming, torrentting , or patching
    3. ARGH! the masses are getting impatient and still no internet
      1. Call Tyler at cell listed here [1]
      2. Give ACD a ring!