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There is a mail box upstairs, it currently has the following labels on it:

All Hands Active
Backyard Brains
Digital Ops

AHA Staff are supposed to check this on days that they open. Behind the desk there is a small hanging mail bin that holds mail for:

All Hands Active
Backyard Brains
Digital Ops

Items that are too large to fit in the mail bin downstairs get placed just below it.

AHA Staff are encouraged to send an email out to someone if they sign for a package. They do NOT at this point send an email out every time a piece of mail for someone arrives.

Given our hours, we do not always receive packages. For ~$50 we can have a USPS Mail Key setup outside, this box would hold a key for the USPS Mail Staff to open our front door, thus being able to deliver 24/7. This does NOT include UPS, FedEx, etc. Just USPS.

In order for mail to be delivered, it typically must have a label that matches a name on the mail bin upstairs.