Minutes:01 Jan 2024 Financial Planning

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Meeting begins: 1947

Meeting ends: 2100

Meeting attendees: Nate Y., Joe D., James K., Victoria W.

  • Quickbooks progress:
    • documentation needed. to do at work improvement day
  • Grants:
    • Creative Washtenaw grant acquired.
      • Special accounting needs to be implemented by members meeting by Joe.
      • Final report submitted
      • Related: we should hire some kind of legal help, CPA and/or lawyer, to make sure we're doing things the correct way when paying people to help. Joe will have info at Members Meeting
    • Let members know that we are looking to hire help to write grants. Sarah will work on Sustaining A2 together after being pinged by Nate. She will update at Members meetings and one time in between.
    • The search for other grants continues. Nate is keeping his ear to the ground
      • James has info on two grants.
        • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
        • other is A2 geeks. James will put feelers out
    • Xander busy now, but we should not let that relationship fade
  • Budget notes:
    • Move money to another bank/credit union? Interest rate is abysmal
      • someone needs to compare rates and find options. Shop it around at members meeting. Credit union is recommended
    • Loans coming due in the next several months - before April. make payment decision after strategic planning
    • Digital ocean Money - what should we do with it. Discuss at members meeting
  • Action items:
    • Future SEO/Adwords discussion: defer until after strategic planning
  • New budget process
    • Joe will create a form
      • why will this be good for the space
      • how will it be documented
      • What maintenance will be required
      • How will we get people in to use the tools
  • Finances Channel needs to have non-relevant people removed/ dedicated board channel needs to be spun up
  • Connections need to be made a leveraged to increase our reach