Minutes:03 JUL 2024 Financial Planning

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Meeting begins: 2010

Meeting ends: 2035

Meeting attendees: Nate Y., Joe D., Jame K.

  • Budget notes:
    • Plans to move money to UMCU
      • Joe will look into doing this after Art Fair, ca. July 24th. Will report back at the August Members' Meeting.
    • create system to pay contractors
      • Joe: This needs to be made so we can pay for contract work, e.g. LaunchX staffing
      • Checks seem to be the preferred method as there is no overhead
      • Google Drive storage for signed contracts, Google Form to track payment needs/notes
      • Jame will order checks
      • Joe will create a spot to store signed contracts, and a form to track who needs to be paid and how much
  • Action items:
    • Future SEO/Adwords discussion: defer until after strategic planning - strategic planning still needs to be planned!
      • Joe: will set up a time to get a strategic meeting on the calendar w/in the next couple months
    • EOY Fundraising plans - Sarah?
      • Joe: Let's schedule a meeting just for this toward the end of July
    • Find other ways to get help on writing grants? Can we reach outside of the organization for help?