Minutes:07 JUL 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

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Ignore date above, this is the 11th of July 2012

1900 (7:00pm) at AHA happened.

In attendance: Josh, Ech0, Dana, Nate D, Nate Y, Eric

Agenda Items

June P&L

  • Josh W.

** Josh doesn't have it yet. Will be done by 7.17

    • June, July paid
    • Eva made a 2-lesson learn-to-solder board; can Dana have board approval to get it made?
      • Xander insists on a quote (and the P&L) before we throw money at it; Dana will get some quotes

501c3 Update

  • Everyone should have something on this
    • Xander
    • Nate Y
    • Nate D
    • Josh W
    • Michael S
    • Jamison L
  • Josh has contacted Lynn about the app; has not approached NEW
  • Nate D did sit down w/ Dan, but Diablo III got in the way

** Echo is going to contact the U-M Law School Clinic to see what we can get ** Josh is going to get a hold of NEW to see what we can get

      • Josh has been reviewing other hackerspaces' 501c3 apps; we should all look through them; look to the "activities" and "history" sections to compare our current app to theirs

** Everyone read through one of the other spaces' apps through by the end of the week; these other apps are linked to on the wiki page about our 501c3 application

Summer Camp

    • Dana
    • Day 3 completed so far; parents and kids are happy; seems that ArborWeb promotion was helpful
      • Dana will start developing afterschool programs after this is done; Jaime is interested

*** Corey is going to see if he can get a hold of U-M resources

Maker Faire Detroit Status

  • Xander
    • Nate D needs computers
  • Dana
      • Dana and Xander are working out these details after this meeting

Newsletter Update

  • Nate Y: give me ideas

** Dana is going to send out classes info by Sunday

    • Project mapping workshop happened
    • Dogfort is getting sexy

** Notacon write-up: Corey and Ech0


  • Josh W.
    • Previous accepted proposal: To spend money as set forth by MSh, with the corollary that we look into reducing the cost by doing it sequentially or finding other parts. Spend up to 750$ on a ventilation system to be installed over the next several months.
    • Need to set aside a few solid days to make this happen
    • Need to clarify funding options with Shvartsman (ie: He had expressed interest prior in doing a loan)

** Josh is communicating with landlord about where we can vent to

Shogun Update

  • Josh W.
    • Membership: Dan membership / leather tools
    • Dogfort: Bulk of work complete
    • Ventilation (see above)
    • What's next?
      • Purgatory
      • Electronics
      • Craft
      • Classes:
        • BF Summer Wrapping Up
        • AADL Fall Planning
        • Troy Library Fall Planning
        • Dana Workshops
    • Organization

*** Talk with Xander re: meeting regularly


  • Send email out before Sunday
  • Responsibilities:
    • Sending out emails to reclaim fobs
    • With no response after X time - security deposit is to be reclaimed
    • Cleaning out lockers
    • Keeping updated membership document, who has paid


  • Who can do this, Jenn will one day run away!
    • Preferably before August

** Ask Jenn if she has anyone she would like to nominate

    • Josh: Ask Jess if she's willing to take over
    • Ask the general list if someone wants the position
    • Who's been fulfilling her roll