Minutes:08 APR 2020 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Reportbacks from Active Systems & Working Groups - 10m
    • current status, upcoming work, needs
    • James working on getting external/internal keys made. Will do very soon.
    • Water delivery held off for now
    • Marketing - Nate Y. - nothing to report since last month
    • Financial - Mike Z. - Finances for Feb/Mar need doing (for great grants!)
    • Governance - Elections - Nate posted call for nominees on the email list.
  • Announcements

Things that are ideas

  • Making at home/mutual aid
    • We are considering lending out the PrintrBot Jr. and also the MakerBot (with the condition that an attempt to repair its broken bed), for use in printing out face-shield parts. Mike wants to put them in touch with the Operation Face Shield. James would like to get photos of the result.
      • Mike, James, Nate all agree that this would be a good arrangement.
    • Sewing machines are sitting idle: how can we get those out to folks who want to sew masks?
      • Put out the word, segueing into publicity!
  • How to publicize virtual events/other goings-on (public service stuff) while we're on lock-down
    • Mike has pictures of things he has made (face shields, head-bands). Joe has posted pictures of elastic holders he made.
    • Ask Veronica to help post to social media/press-releases. Nate will help -- collect pictures, do a quick write-up, work with V?
    • Put word out for other tools that are not being used for PPE reasons? Tool lending library?
  • Make list of gear that is going out of the space, do it all at the same time via one person! James volunteers.
  • Applying for grants
    • Greg sent a list (thanks, Greg!). There are some promising items there. Mike suggests bringing in a fellow who was previously interested in helping us write a grant. Mike will reach out.
    • Reboot GoFundMe? Can re-tool it to help raise money during lock-down?
  • Remote classes
    • North Coast Modular Collective "build-a-synth" class went well, we got donations from the kits they sold. James is working on a live-coding event with them.
    • Work with Operation Face Shield to do classes/showcase?
    • James recommends others participate in the call for virtual classes thread on the member list.
  • New tenant is contributing $300/mo. to relocate a UV printer to AHA to run a business. Currently this is located in the Annex.
  • MakerNet (tech/maker-focused ham radio meeting) on Thursday nights -- Larry has run two nets now with a few participants.
  • Rent/finances? How to survive!
    • Anecdotally we are still not doing great financially, perhaps 6 months of money if nothing changes. But it's not as bad as it could be due to new tenant and many folks are still paying dues.
    • James suggests emailing Oxford again ASAP to explain that we are struggling because we have no classes, and can't invite people to use our physical space anymore.
    • Mike would like to reach out to other Oxford tenants in the building to see how they are doing, see if we can approach Oxford as a group to work out relief.
    • We all agree to reach out to Oxford ASAP.



Action Items

  • Thing that needs to be done
    • People/Workgroups responsible
    • Deadline/Estimate
  • Get key-holders on wiki - Mike
  • Send a brief message to Oxford re: rent - James
  • Friendly email/reach out to others in the building - Mike
  • Get more keys made - James
  • POSTPONED - Get water delivery set up - James will get Mike supplier info, Mike will get payments going
  • POSTPONED - Inquire about formerly-Nostrum room overhead pipe - Nate will contact Oxford