Minutes:08 Jul 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Mike Z., Greg G., Cindy T., Esty T., Nick R., Alec M., Jon H., Tyler S., Larry W., Deirdre D., Donnie J., Nate Y., Jordan S.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:06
  • Meeting ends at: 20:40

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time is for anyone to bring anything directly to the Board. If the Board agrees it's New Business needing discussion or action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

SPECIAL ITEMS - Until these items are resolved, no other business will be conducted.

  1. DJ - Board Approved Request that "The first order business will be "Should Member computer usage be "public-friendly"?"

PLEASE NOTE: A petition addressing this issue (with names redacted) was submitted to the Board during discussion. No immediate action was taken as the Board chose another route (see below).

Nick R. would like user-specific accounts to isolate some issues we've had (added to New Business)

General reservations with behavior from a specific user on leaving obscene materials up on the public machines.

Larry recommends an action specifically against the member in question, rather than trying to establish overall guidelines for dealing with obscene material.

Greg feels that the member is being targeted unfairly due to personality, suggested the Board should work with this person to rectify the problems directly before any bans, and that any bans should have a defined time limit.

Board agreed a meeting with the member would be a constructive way to address this issue as opposed to an outright and immediate ban from All Hands Active.

Donnie proposes to enact a computer ban on the member until the member can come in (as soon as possible, not to be later than the next Board Meeting) to discuss with the Board of Directors the list of issues members have had with this member. Failure to meet beforehand results in a ban; use of the computers results in a ban. Members who have a stake in the issue may submit in writing their griefs ahead of time to Donnie J. (Board Member).

Tyler S. seconds the motion.

Motion passes: 4/4. Greg G. recused himself in keeping with Conflict of Interest form signed upon election to the Board.

  1. GG - Call for Censure of Board Member Larry W.

Greg would like to dissociate the recent action of Larry (shouting at neighbor) from the rest of the Board.

Larry has previously apologized to AHA members, Danny and the Chef at Taste Kitchen, and Dena (landlord), and then also encouraged random folks to go eat at Taste Kitchenb.

Board passes censure 4/4. Punishment (Larry suggested) is to clean the bathrooms for a month.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome

No open items to discuss.

Minutes Approval

  • Will formally start next month as our newest Standard Operating Procedure

General agreement to do this!

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Financial - from Larry W./Deirdre D.

  • Jun 2015 P&L - [1]
  • July Fundraising Report - [2]

Roughly $500 in profit last month.

Greg would like a solid date to implement online bookkeeping. Larry to implement an online accounting system before September Board Meeting.

Fundraising - Greg G.

  • Monthly Fundraising Report - [3]

Greg shares updates on the grants. No luck with the NIH grant -- going to tweak it and resubmit. Didn't have sufficient documentation to submit the Google Grant, going to try again this month.

We will need the required documentation in place before we can submit to many of these grants.

Governance - Nick R.

  • Monthly Membership Update (Larry W.) - [4] - AHA continues to grow (unusual for midsummer)
  • Monthly Maintenance Report - [5]

Mike Z. recruited two new members after Larry called out for current members to get some friends interested. We're going to have an AHA pizza party in August to thank him.

Facilities - Nick R.

John is putting up new lighting, coordinating with Nick.

Nick would like to add more power strips to the main desk area.

Nick shared the new prototype Penguicon badge idea (visualLY reacts when in proximity to other badges) he and Donnie are working on. Should have a realized prototype in the next few weeks.

Nick to prioritize Tools & Parts Spending Request

Volunteers - Tyler S.

  • Monthly Volunteer Report - [6]

Tyler's goal is to recruit and train three new volunteers to cover the rest of the summer.

Schedule volunteers for regular classes (fyi - FREE to volunteers)

Education/Classes/Events - Donnie J.

  • Monthly Report - [7]
  • Upcoming Special Events - [8]
  • Planning for Detroit Maker Faire
  • Need 6 names ASAP in order to procure the six armbands.
  • Donnie will reach out to the Science Olympiad team tonight.
  • Larry informed the group that the Washtenaw Area Maker Meeting will be on August 8th, AHA Tour then Meeting at Menlo

(30m) Unfinished Business

Reference Interim Board Report IF status of Approved Items is necessary [9]

  • Items listed below were NOT addressed at the Interim Board Meeting on 19Jun15
  • GG - A suggestion was made that perhaps a dedicated role for 1 person should be created.

Everyone would love to see a full-time, paid employee. We need the grant money coming in to do this.

  • GG/DD - Move our finances to an online double entry accounting system. Xero or QB Online. Easy transparent access to members, directors and accountants/auditors.

Yes, this is something we want to do by September Board. Larry W.

  • GG - How we can get volunteers more in-line with our mission statement.

Carry forward to the next meeting.

  • AM - As noted at last months Board meeting by Alec M., there are no formal agreements with BYB or AMF Nano. Open discussion about whether there should be and/or if yes, how often to review.

Carry forward to the next meeting.

  • Many - Should we stay OR should we go? Regardless, many members agree the current space has issues. Should we form a committee dedicated to this topic?

Carry forward to the next meeting. Likely to be activity around creating a Strategic Plan before next Board meeting. Required by many Grants.

  • GG - Talk to AAACF about how to build an external board of directors for AHA with expertise in leading 501.3c’s. AHA directors could report to this board.

Carry forward to the next meeting.

  • GG - Does AHA need a 3-strike policy? Greg G. to draft a document for discussion.

Greg rescinded his request for a three-strike policy. Instead , would instead like to codify the discipline procedure we are using for the above member issue since it's more flexible.

(30m) New Business

* A Director/Officer or Member must champion action items to ensure the work gets done.

  • ACTION ITEM - Greg G. - scheduling special meeting with member (notice to be sent out)
  • ACTION ITEM - Larry W. to Propose a 2015 Budget for Board Approval (based on 2014)
  • ACTION ITEM - Larry W. to setup online accounting system by September.
  • ACTION ITEM - Greg G. to submit for 1 grant (dependent on receiving required documents)
  • ACTION ITEM - Nick R. will work with Tyler W., Nate Y., Alec M. for a user-account solution for computer log-ins.
  • ACTION ITEM - Nick R. to prioritize Tools & Parts Spending Request
  • ACTION ITEM - Tyler S. to recruit and train 3 new volunteers