Minutes:08 MAR 2023 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1913

Meeting ends: 2052

Participants: Nate Y., James K., David G., Joe D., Brian J., Andrew C.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education


  • Announcements/new business:
    • Fundraising ideas from James
  • Operations:
    • Cricut Updates - David G.
      • Set up device on PC, and the Mac provided. Wanted to drop it off last week, but snowstorm -- will be back in March. Will also write up a basic SOP on the wiki.
    • Resin 3d printer (Elegoo Mars) donation from Sarah's brother
    • Laser Cutter upgrade updates - Andrew C./Joe D./Nate Y.
      • Andrew is hoping someone else will use it soon to see if it's good. Needs a bit more alignment.
      • Joe can help this weekend.
      • Nate has second Z probe and 3 more mirrors on the way here
    • Classroom lighting diffusion ideas - James K., Andrew C.
      • Also different styles of light, different mounting configurations, mounting the 4th light, etc.
      • Will collaborate on Matrix
    • Classroom junk purge updates - James K., others?
      • Updates/plans for planer and sewing machine
      • AHA Spring-cleaning/rummage sale?
        • Nate will start discussion in #Outreach on Matrix
        • Need date, how to advertise, etc.
    • Signage/SEO updates - Jeremy H.
      • Andrew wants to know if we should put his LED matrix panels above the 3d printers. James would like to see them in place to know how it will work.
      • David reminded us that we have $100 or so available to purchase LED noodles for signage project from Adafruit
        • Nate will coordinate with Jeremy if possible to purchase these.
    • Future tool plans/SOPs for Roland CNC, resin 3d printer, other unused machines/tools? - Nate Y.
      • General call-out for help on getting these things online ASAP. Experience the wonder of enhancing AHA's capabilities by orders of magnitude!
      • James said he will investigate getting the Roland CNC running
    • Retrotech group sort of toying with the idea of renting out the old Flipside space? Would be interested in collaborating with AHA in some capacity if that happens.
  • Financial:
    • Financial health outlook/Current Profit and Loss - how can we reboot these?
      • Pending Quickbooks knowledge transfer
    • Joe is ready to do a tutorial on Quickbooks - we will discuss at the next Finance Committee meeting
      • This will enable us to do P&L and financial health stuff again
    • March invoice automation updates/how to gauge how it went - Joe D.
      • Most people don't need this, but the ones who do will just need their email address entered and a box checked.
    • Q4 2022/YTD financial reports - Joe D.
      • Pending Quickbooks knowledge transfer
    • Set up county/MEDC grants meeting - James K., Nate Y., others?
      • James will drop info in #Outreach on Matrix
  • Membership:
    • No change in membership numbers
    • Hammer out details for the 2023 AHA Elections - Nate Y. and David G. at the end of their term. Put out call for nominees (chat and members' mailing list), set date (April 27th?). Do we use the same process as previous years, or should we try something in-person again? - Nate Y.
      • James would like to look into a hybrid system
      • Nate will start discussion in #Operations on Matrix
  • Outreach:
    • 2022 Fundraiser wrap-up loose ends: GFM/social media updates, stickers/prizes?
      • Joe is finishing up the GFM/Socials stuff
    • Outreach opportunities for March:
    • Fundraising ideas - James
      • Add AHA "Alumni" section to newsletters. Highlight some of their accomplishments, projects, etc.. Would help us get more exposure to more social networks.
      • Renting our space to hold private workshops
      • Use AHA for exhibitions: showcase art that is made with tools in the space, or partner with artists/musicians/etc. to showcase their work.
      • Run events that encourage people to return at a later date, e.g. longer-term projects, a need to wait for things to cure, etc.. Encourages repeat visits and boosts foot traffic.
  • Education: