Minutes:08 Mar 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Tyler, Alex, Henry, Larry, and Sarah
  • Meeting starts at: 7:17
  • Meeting ends at: 8:35

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Henry feels very welcome.

Sarah Lynn works at UM in the animal research department. Works helping with art grants. Can offer us help with promotions, and improving! Help us plan for new students in September. Interested in hosting an open session once a month closer to September to host a giant cardboard box war and bring people into the space. Interesting ways to get people in the space. Larry can assist with getting cardboard for this. Interested in how to get people in and interested. Wants to bring concessions back!

Tyler mentioned elections coming up and it's a great way to get involved.

Henry is interested and would love to run workshops with the egg bot! Interested in computer situation, explained it's what is around the workshop and they have to bring their own. For classes we can do take homes. We explained how members are reimbursed for teaching standard classes.

Larry mentioned we have new stuff coming! He purchased a few displays and an awesome component cabinets, dividers and labels. Still trying to get them to donation the components. Got a free standing sign holder and a locking cabinet. 1 single adjustable wall rack. They have other fixtures still like a tool rack.

Minutes Approval

  • Feb 2016 Board Minutes - Not enough people to vote!

Education - Nate Y.

Room Rental - Posted on Square store the ability for the public to reserve a room for $60 for 4 hours.

Larry wants to run soldering on a Sunday, but needs the badges. Larry will reach out to Nick and see where we are at with ordering them.

Core Class - After the agreed on raise of class cost. Tyler updated the Square store for all classes that were not yet scheduled. The Arduino class on March 4th is the last to fall under the old cost structure. - Need to decide how to reimburse teachers and tax considerations for person attending.

Scheduling classes

  • Nate will try to get schedule on Google Calendar from meetup.

Nate said he would get back to Katie from Brain Monkeys with all details of class

Nate put out a call for help at Penguicon - Report back! Nick and Nate are going to sell completed badges and do embedded systems programming. Daniel was asking for folks to do 3D printing. Gib needs help/answers, electrical connections, needs to know space and time needed ASAP. The scheduling is this Sunday where we need it before. Sarah is going to email Nate to get an answer about it.

Call for Makerfaire Detroit - Little response, need more completed projects to show off. For now we aren't planning to attend. Work on cool projects instead. Nate had another idea for education and little classes and that worked well days before. We could try for that again if people decide they are going.


  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Laser Cutter Class
  • Cryptoparty - Overflowing! 20+
  • Intro to PCB Surface mount with KiCad
  • CNC Router - 4
  • Rootkits 101 - 15+
  • Arduino - 2
  • Amatuer Radio - Done!


  • Egg bot - Henry would like to run, and will contact Nate Yost about scheduling
  • Swarms, Chaos, and Decentralized networks - Beginning of April

Stadium is interested in maybe hosting stuff on how to fix your house stuff.

Big Brothers / Big Sisters - Henry pitched two classes and they liked both of them. Ooblek class on subwoofer. Drawdio class (pencil into instrument!). He's going to run both of them.

Larry is collecting mentor information for first robotic clubs in the county. After competitions are done, we'll extend invitations to bring teams in one at a time and show off the space.

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Finances/Membership - Alex W.

Landlord was under-billing us. We are now at the full rate and we settled up with them for everything.

TCF downtown branch closed on Feb 12th. We need to use another brand now to make deposits and the ATM is gone. Closest is Pauline, U-Towers or Plymouth.

Greg setup a Stadium Hardware Tax free account.

Re-run is setup - Greg sent out a note about how we can use it to handle recurring payments for cards. Sounds like it's on Finance to setup people to use it for now. Need to decide if we prorate, or when they sign up. Alex is going to ask Lauren what is preferred. Could move annual memberships to this. Larry would switch to yearly. $1.50 in fees for ACH!

Membership - Waiting on report! Alex will update the minutes here. - Standard: - Reduced: - Volunteers: 2 (Alex H. and Brian M.) - Co-working: 2 - Spark: 5 (2 access cards) - BYB: 10 full

Greg sent list of names to board for creating BYB keys. Tyler created accounts and delivered cards.

Alex was investigating 2 members for PayPal problems. Lauren figured out which members to drop!

Alex was going to get back to Donnie about Square Cash. Alex is waiting for response from Donnie.

Alex will update these later! We made: Expenses: In Bank: Emergency fund (in months):

State sales tax, can't find previous forms, unsure how they are filled out in the past. Waiting to hear back from Zack S. This is taken care of. We paid the fine to the state to get it resolved.

Wanted to have a meeting to discuss categories for Xero. Greg wants to meet to discuss categories. Wasn't sure where to send re-run information into. Still need to meetup with her. It's on us to ask her.

DTE meter issue - Tyler forwarded the Estoppel for expansion on 2/20 to Alex. That included meter numbers! Alex emailed this to DTE, waiting for response.

Fundraising - Greg G.


Larry suggested we get in touch with Menlo. We can ask and get in their process. What happened with this? Greg no longer have contacts at Menlo. Greg will reach out to Larry to see if we have an "in".


Made google doc and got 9 ideas that we submitted to Google for community grants. Got a response and sounds like they liked at least one of them. Greg submitted formal description entitled "Google High School Neuroscience STEM immersion program" with a budget of $35k. $23k were direct costs to cover stipends for HS students and a teacher to be in AHA. The remaining $12k are "indirect costs" that will go into AHA's coffers to help pay for memberships, tax help, etc. Google meets once a month.

The Deliverables of Grant are:

  • The end results of each projects will be HS lesson plans that will have a STEM impact all across the country.
  • HS Students will deliver a report to Google on their activities over the summer, and will write up their results.
  • HS Students will deliver presentation at their home high school institution about their research.
  • HS Students will deliver a scientific poster session of their work to Google employees at the Google campus where inventions could be brought to demonstrate their projects.


We're billing and they have access.


Partially related to AHA. IRB (Ethics Review Board for working with Humans) was rejected first go, and have a clean bill of health. Waiting and possibly till March 20th. If we get it, $40k in equipment. Update: IRB approved, and the grant has been changed to "pending" meaning there is a high likelihood of being funded! Will email the board as soon as we hear.

Arrow Electronics

Greg has a meeting to setup a non-profit account and get in touch with the right people.

Marketing/Events - Unstaffed

Google Adwords

  • Need to add more keywords/New campaigns we can run.
  • Nate suggests google docs and sent out an email for this during Feb Meeting. What happened to the response?
  • Larry met a google employee that was willing to help get this setup up and running.

Marketing Email Updates

  • Feb 2017
  • No email this month, yet.
    • Currently ? Total Audience on email
    • Nate Y. working with Florencia E. on a monthly newsletter.
    • Greg suggested Maker profiles (Example Mike Grube) for our teachers in the news letter.

Art coworking in Ypsi

We need to establish contact with them. Mark Maynard is contact.

Operations/Volunteers - Tyler W.

Proposal to allocate $300 / Month budget to operations for facility improvements, new tools, and pc upgrades. That was my monthly average investment over the past year and we've made great progress towards updating the space. This is similar to the past shogun budget we allocated to Josh. Suggested improvements:

  • Ultra Quiet Air compressor
  • Dust Collector
  • Large Whiteboard for classroom wall
  • SSD drives for all PCs
  • Additional networking and electrical supplies to outfit new classroom

Tracking volunteer hours - Tyler sent email with ideas of who to track, how to track, how to manage, who manages on 2/20. Some feedback was received that we should continue to do it self reported. Greg suggested a monthly self report. No response on suggestions for how to enforce it though. Tyler feels this is dead in the water if it has no teeth. We'd have to look into if we can charge people some small penalty. Henry suggests charging people if they don't volunteer.

John suggested a rolling tool wall. Going to investigate and figure out where we'd normally store it before committing.

Fire Safety - Breaker box behind laser cutter is continually blocked. We need to maintain access to this. We moved the mirrors that were in the way during the meeting, still stuff in breaker closet we need to dispose of. Going to contact landlord on disposal of old bulbs. Need to label breaker closet.

Tour of space with Stadium Hardware - Went well. They seemed interested in what we offered. The board should follow up with them and see what we want to do!

Martin is going to bring people down from UMHS.

Pick and place is up for being wired up.


Elections set for 4/20.

Scheduled around Penguicon.

Emails to go out next week 3/15 to provide the required notice and blog posts at that time calling for members to run.

Board Positions

We need to fill 3 positions - Corey, Greg, and Tyler.


  • Alex White
  • Corey Tebo (I) (resigned 01/11/2017)
  • Greg Gage (I)
  • Nathan Yost
  • Tyler Worman (I)

In progress

  • NAS - Investigated problem with LDAP users not able to change passwords. Contacted Synology support and am working to resolve it with them.
    • Supposedly resolved in latest update 6.1 on 2/25, but we are still seeing the issue.
    • Update on 3/4 improved error handling. Waiting for response from them
  • Classroom electric and internet planning.

Done this month

Website Old

  • Raised prices of future classes per agreement last month.
  • Added ability to pay for rental of classroom.


  • Got a fridge
  • Larry capped remaining pipes
  • Added outlet
  • Removed extra furniture and some of extra crap.

Main Space

  • Cleaned entire space
  • Reorganized 3D printing
  • Reorganized Craft Room
  • Reorganized Electronics bench
  • Purchased 4 sit/stand tables and assembled.
  • Restored CNC and Vinyl cutter computers to stock image.
  • Recovered master 3D printer configuration and located it here: https://github.com/tsworman/AHA-3DPrinters


  • Removed wall
  • Setup desks and projector.
  • New wireless access point installed.


  • Front signs and stairway signage installed
  • Larry hung banner on pillar so people know we are in the back.
  • Greg got us a sweet logo, need to get it everywhere.
  • Larry posted tool aids.
  • Larry hung an open light up sign.

To Do

Everything still on the operations word doc (non-pressing issues) and these pressing issues:


  • Need to track down the SawZall. It appears to be missing along with the blades for it.
  • Sewing machine 1 still in need of repair
  • Website new - Collecting photos for stream of projects happening at AHA. Source: https://github.com/tsworman/AHA-Website2
  • Internet - ACD can deliver site service. We need to decide on what package and when we want to do it and get back to them.
  • Contact city about bin we didn't receive and getting processing fund back.
  • Run backups on all machines to NAS.
  • Eliminate wireless from the current box.
  • Add second patch panel to rack, we have more than 24 lines with the new classroom and additional access points.
  • Swap switch for 48 port.
  • Internet solution - Need to decide what we are doing.
  • 1 Streaming camera for the main space when people are there snapping a photo on a 5 minute basis to display on website.


  • Want to find sink, microwave, and cabinets/counter still.


  • Run ethernet drops
  • Add electric on wall.
  • Clean floor
  • Purge dead/rusted/old computers we don't plan to use.
  • Mount new whiteboard
  • Purchase 2nd pack of whiteboard markers for here
  • Setup mold making equipment.
  • Add outlets/light switch
  • Mount projector.
  • Remove wall.


  • Greg got new logo completed. We agreed on signs about a meter round on each of the spaces (classroom, coworking, maker). We need to get them made on the vinyl cutter and installed.
  • After Hours rear stairway sign. Reprint on aluminum to match existing signage per Kelly.
  • Sandwich board - Heard back from Adam, he still needs more time, but is planning to get it done soon.
  • Downstairs pole signage - Nate wanted to mount a display there, how can we make this happen?

(30m) Unfinished Business

Storage policy

Alex W. - Drafting a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy -

  • As of Jan - Still working on it.
  • Alex has a draft
  • Alex has printed out parking permits for existing projects
  • Working on Locker policy and amount to charge for long term storage.
  • Alec suggests also having a cheap "storage box" solution, you could rent a cardboard box to put your projects in for a limited time.
  • ETA was August 20th, 2017 -- Should we consider this dead?