Minutes:08 OCT 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Ken, Zach, Nate, Larry
  • Meeting starts at: 19:22
  • Meeting ends at:

(15 min) Open For All!

Standing Committee Reports (Outlined in p. 3 of Standing Rules)

(15 min) Financial - Zach S.

  • October obligations met!
  • Need to square up with BYB
  • November is looking good, pending squaring up with BYB
  • Articles of Incorporation overdue and need to be completed. Pick new "officers", send it in.

(30 min) Governance - Nate Yost

  • Moving forward with the back rooms/storage policies.
  • eBay for Giving update/next steps for Carol K.
  • U of M Circle K volunteers (runs Nov. 15 - 18) -- what might we have them do?
    • Painting, teaching a class?
  • Group use of the space (specifically prompted by Sewist Crafters Makers' request to use the space for their meetings)
    • Ideal situation: one person in the group is an AHA member, let's people in, makes sure the space is shut
  • Intern via D-SIP? (HT Xander) -- Application due by Oct 22 12PM.
  • Insurance stuff-value assessment -- a request for help.
    • Do during GSD? Email membership to help with GSD?
  • Ideas to stimulate Board nominations.

(15 min) Fundraising - Larry

  • Enlisting the help of Aubrey O. for marketing. What can we get her started on?
    • Promoting classes? Raising awareness of the space? Monthly newsletter?
  • Ken L. to update the group on when he can demo Salesforce.
  • Household membership - passed unanimously!
  • Ken L. app competition for non-profits
  • Talk to Detroit Labs about company membership?

(20 min) Upcoming Business


Other stuff

  • Restart the newsletter! Who can we find to help with this?
  • Server upgrade blurb.
  • Nate's Board farewell/debriefing/notes on communication/transition of duties plan.
    • This year has been incredible!
    • Be better at responding to email!