Minutes:08 SEP 2021 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1915

Meeting ends: 2130

Participants: David G., Andrew C., Nate Y., Joe D., James K., Adam F., Mark P.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Membership - 5m - Joe
  • Financial - 5m - Joe
  • Fundraising/outreach
  • Operations
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
    • Board Elections coming up, tentatively October 28th - Nate
    • James would like to touch on our COVID policy
    • What to do about expired members who might get locked out with the new door system - James
  • Membership:
    • Gained one standard member, lost one reduced member in August.
  • Fundraising/outreach:
    • Go around to local techie businesses and see if any of them would be willing to kick in some sponsorship money? - James
    • TechGlow - Nate & David
      • SPARK, Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, and Leslie Science Center is partnering up with AHA to build a community quilt made of fabric squares, conductive thread, and LEDs!
      • AAHOM is assembling kits for building quilt pieces, will partner with AHA to create a how-to video to demonstrate how to build the pieces, and AHA is going to allow for drop-in "office hours" during Repairsday (tentatively). If demand is great, then we can do the building at a different, larger venue, e.g. Leslie Science Center.
      • Would also like AHA's help with assembling a portable frame to hold the final quilt.
      • Will present the final quilt at the YpsiGLOW October 29th 5-10PM
    • Tech Trek items - Nate
      • Set time to talk to Brad about virtual stuff (which promo materials to use, do we get a virtual scan of our space?)
      • Nail down a demo for the in-person aspect (CNC router, blinkies?!)
      • Get volunteer roster together for in-person and virtual
    • Soldering workshop with Moldover?
      • Interest in learning more; will reach out -- Nate
  • Operations:
    • Update on door access control - Nate
      • E-stop button for quick egress/reset?
      • Will use a motion sensor as well as a button to disengage the lock
    • Emergency Exit signs on the alternate door -- vinyl cutouts? - James
      • Also big arrow to show where the deadbolt knob is on those doors?
    • What to do about members who are currently able to get in, but might get left out with the door open?
      • Log failed attempts so we can see who is trying to get in on the cameras?
    • Revisiting COVID policies?
      • Concerns about mu variant, behavior of folks in town (e.g. football games). Are the current rules at AHA sufficient?
      • General feeling is to leave things as they are for now, but revisit next month.
    • Open Hours
      • Desperately need more help with open hours! - James
      • Poll members to see when they might be able to hold open hours? - Nate

Old business updates

  • Communication - is it time to retire the members mailing list and replace it with an announcements list? - James
    • Archive existing non-members' lists, send email addresses to James. - Nate (DONE)
  • Operations
    • Nate will talk with Tim to see if we are still able to get the StepCraft going with the new controller. (DONE -- has no availability to work on it further, will return it)
    • Membermatters successfully installed on our server, but has a decent amount of setup still required - Nate
    • Space utilization tracking - Nate will get this to Joe (moot? Whole door situation being overhauled)
    • Space cleanup items
      • Plotter: ink-jet plotter, *almost* ready to use. What should we do with this? - Andrew & James
      • Powerwheels car: What do we do with this? How can we reclaim that space for more useful stuff? Contact Jacob and figure this out. - Nate will reach out
      • Abandoned locker? Reach out to SPARK to see if the person is still working there? - James will reach out
      • Nixie Clocks and other heavy parts? Reach out to Larry to see what to do with it - Nate will reach out
      • UV Printer -- let's get people trained on this - Andrew, Nate, James, Joe -- holding off on this for now, until we have a more solid idea of what is going on with this.
      • Paint supplies? What do we do with them, should we store them safely in a fire-resistant enclosure? - Volunteer X
      • Pick and Place machine -- can we find a better home for this? Taking up a lot of room; no plans to get it working for a long time. - Nate will reach out to i3 to see if they might be interested.
    • Website updates - James (DONE)
      • Website still says we're closed, so that needs an update. - Joe (DONE)
      • Remove reservation (DONE)
    • Internet upgrade - James (DONE -- awaiting new cable modem, and still need to cancel previous account (James))
    • Electrical upgrades - Andrew (estimate DONE -- quite expensive to get the work finished and some new outlets. There is more interest in installing a wireless switch, and some "power bars" with outlets like we have on the wall in some areas)

  • Outreach/fundraising
    • Fundraising for a utility sink? Needs more plumping and a pump to get it up to the drain line. Timeline is sometime further in the future, possibly after the 3d printer fundraiser. - James
    • 3D printer/CNC controller upgrade fundraising updates/ideas
      • James will reach out to some members to see if we can make a final push before shutting down the fundraiser to focus on the year-end one. This will end the fundraising in roughly two weeks.
    • Set up a year-end fundraising meeting - Joe
  • Education
    • Solar demo/gathering/class? - Nate will ping Mike about it (DONE -- interest is there, but nothing scheduled yet. Holding off for now, since the plate is too full).
  • Finances
    • Add James and Joe to bank account - Joe and James will send Nate some dates/times to do this
  • Reopening:
    • Cleaning - space improvement in September (Nate will talk to Brad about scanning the space to see if a September cleanup makes sense; else this should be postponed to October)
      • Tool library - Joe (DONE, but available tools must be added to Lend Engine. Joe will add info on the Wiki)
    • Infrastructure
      • Networking equipment - Nate & James (DONE, Nate is supplying the new cable modem this week, security gateway still needs to be hooked in -- James)
      • Door/space access - Nate & James & Andrew (in progress -- door situation is being overhauled this week)