Minutes:09 APR 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Larry W., Dana N., Josh W., Nate Y., Tyler W.

Meeting starts at: 19:06

Meeting ends at: 20:23

(15 min) Open For All!

Dana learned how to make buttons! About $.90/ea., $.75/ea. when we re-order.

Nate/Larry need to get another red cartridge for the printer.

(5 min) Financial Update - Josh

Numbers still not solidified for membership, but looks to be down significantly since last month. Josh will be sending out an update soon after the meeting.

Class income is up, concession income up. This could viewed as an indicator of more traffic through the space.

(5 min) Facilities Update - Josh

Bathrooms are slowly being worked on. Contractor again realized that the subfloor needs replacing.

Not great communication between landlord's maintenance and the contractors working on the bathroom -- contractors are not able to get in the space reliably.

Still no real resolution on the Stench.

HVAC unit forgotten about, back door forgotten about -- we reminded them to finish the work.

Josh is going to meet with Guardian Plumbing 1:30P Monday April 14th about the laser cutter venting.

Laser cutter ordered, we've had lots of complications with customs.

(5 min) Election Update - Nate

Nobody seems to be interested, but we still need at least two candidates for open board spots by the 17th.

We will talk to a few individuals we've identified who might be good candidates.

(20 min) Fundraising - Larry

Detailed Report here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AiId9K63gXZ9qSmzWXHpYpK1w9K-xTgZWUKmgmg_GG0/edit

We raised $920 from board gifts.

In-kind donations $600 (retail) of donations for our membership meeting.

We would like to offer business donors a free class.

22 members attended membership meeting last month!

Top three reasons members like to use the space:

  • Community
  • Inspiration
  • Tool access

Dana is going to give Larry access to the AHA Indiegogo account RITE NAO.

Larry hands out the sweet business cards for directors!

Larry proposes a tiered approach to donations and the perks we provide.

We need to fill out a Form 990-EZ this year since we made more than $50k. Needs to be done by May 15th.

We have a number of old consoles/video game things in the back that could be sold to raise a bit of extra money. Josh is considering passing off some of the Spring Cleaning duties to our staff (e.g. stuff that doesn't need a team to help move).

Upcoming events

Art Fair is coming up! Dana wants to talk with the Art Fair leadership to see if we can do anything. Will do this Thursday.

We need to apply for A2 Mini-Maker Faire, Detroit Maker Faire. Nate will interface with the A2MMF/DMF folks to get AHA set up.

We need to meet again soon about DMF and what we will do there.

Tyler is having a Memorial Day party -- could use as a fundraiser.