Minutes:09 JAN 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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  1. Financial Update: Check in to see how we're doing money-wise.
  2. Recent Rental Discussions
  3. 501c3 Status
  4. Tax Status
  5. Long Term Vision (ie
    1. What is it
    2. How do we achieve it

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Josh W., Mike G., Dana N., Greg G., Tom H., Mike S., Nate Y.

Meeting begins at 19:22

Short on money, again. Probably will be about $500-$1000 short for Feb. We have some classes coming up, though, which should bring in a few hundred perhaps. Promote classes!

Laptops still need to get sold. Josh will check in with Dan E. to figure out what state they are in. Dan isn't interested in selling them, though, so we should do that, either through eBay, Craigslist, Gazelle.com.

Mike thinks hosting a colo could raise money. Working on putting together a plan with Zach W. to see how feasible it is. Josh wants Mike to create a comparison to other colo services in terms of offerings.

Dana submitted a grant to Awesome Foundation on Jan. 1 for mobile teach space (laptops). Planning on doing another for Feb. 1 until we get something. Still need to write a grant for A2Geeks. Existing laptops could be used, but they need a decent amount of work. Nate Y. will get in contact with Corey T. to see what needs to get done on them. Dana add: with laptops, we can do fieldtrips. Since AHA is not handicap accessible, we could also take the laptops to those groups. Josh wants to focus on growing things at the space instead of doing outside events. He would like to see less travelling and more interest in the space.

Greg recommends Learn Game Programming (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/680276743/learn-game-programming-codeschoolorg) to provide free curriculum to teach a programming class.

Mike G. still wants to run the malware class by Feb. 20th.

Mike G. will visit BBC to talk about grant writing.

Nate Y. will look around for random grants.

Josh and Nate are attending NEW's lecture on raising money Jan. 23.

Nate Dotz's group is possibly interested in renting out Sylvia's and partnering with AHA. Mike G. and Dana also have a group that might want to do the same, but give us a bit more freedom. Yet another group is interested in possibly renting the Rocky Mountain space, and would like a basement for storage.

501c3/tax status unchanged since last meeting. Nate Y. will contact the IRS.