Minutes:09 JAN 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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- Meeting attendees: Laria, Craig, Jacob, Esty, Mike, James, Nate, Corey

- Meeting started at: 19:02

- Meeting ended at: 20:25

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Officer Reports - as needed

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. If the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Governance - Craig

(see Craig's action items)

Finance - Mike

New Updates:

  • We're looking into accounting software
  • We're looking into taxes and tax software - Nate says we don't need a tax person or tax software - just use the form 990N and 990EZ.
  • Policy updates for non-recurring expenses - we're proposing a $50/month max on consumable/incidental expenses. We still need receipts of course. Anything beyond that needs board approval. No objections.
  • Policy updates for class costs - Nate suggests we review the past minutes
  • Setting up autopay for rackspace and oxford - Mike and Laria need to go to the bank
  • Huron Valley Payment - Laria is going to take care of this

Prior Updates (status):

  • Working on invoicing Nostrum and BYB - BYB is current, Nostrum is a little more complex. It's being worked on.
  • Getting debit card activated - Debit card is activated, we need another one.
  • Need to setup autopay on acd.net, meetup, and dte - DTE is good, meetup needs to be fixed, and ACD is having problems with address verification

Fundraising - Sarah

  • Need to have Laria take over Sarah's responsibilities until a replacement can be appointed.

Officer Status Reports

(we skipped everyone except Craig in the interest of time)

  • President (Craig) - people knock on the windows to say hi to Craig, he's concerned about the glass
  • Vice President (Laria) - None
  • Secretary (James) - None
  • Treasurer (Mike) - None
  • Shop Manager (Laria) - None
  • Sysop (Nate) - None

Previous Action Items

  • Mike G. will contact Merit about Fiber - He did, and it's moving again, yay! Waiting on further updates!
  • Craig & Laria will activate the debit card (there's a pin problem) - Is activated.
  • Craig will follow up with Nate about replacing the online membership form with an invitation to come in - Link is removed - Nate will look into having the form email board@allhandsactive.org
  • Mike & James will measure the classroom and annex and figure out how much the annex costs us - Things have been measured, but we need to calculate the cost.
  • Craig will post some fridge signs and start cleaning the fridge regularly - Fridge was cleaned, signs aren't posted, but will be.
  • Update on the status of email transition next meeting (James & Nate) - Still waiting on finances and we need to deal with sarah's email
  • Create a few signs that let people know there is a harassment policy and where it's at (Mike Z.) - Pushing that forward.
  • Add the handicap accessibility info to the site and facebook page (Nate) - Added to site, couldn't add it to facebook
  • Report back with a camera policy proposal (Craig, Laria, Mike G., Dustin) - Still waiting, no meeting yet.
  • Coordinate with Nate on communications responsibilities (Sarah) - Sarah is not doing this anymore, James will step in.
  • Contact prior board and see if any membership/liability forms are in their possession (James) - Some old membership forms were destroyed, maybe for active members. We're going to have to get things up to date.
  • Craig will add notes about finding a non-profit lawyer to the board site - Pushing forward to next meeting
  • James will ask for bylaw proposals from members - Done today.
  • James will notify Esty of the next board meeting date and that we're looking for some representatives to come. - Done.
  • Sarah will chair an adhoc safety committee and invite members - Craig, Laria and Corey will participate. I'll post on the membership list about it.
  • Craig will take the sink to the membership list - The sink was just purchased. Members were not consulted. Craig is getting plumbing quotes.

General Agenda Items

  • Sarah's resignation - what action items? - Craig will post about Sarah's replacement to the list
  • Nest accounts owner/payment (James) - Greg wants us to start paying for the nest account ourselves. We'll talk more about this after the camera committee actually meets - we don't need to worry about this until December 2019.
  • Powerwheels car (Esty) - Esty will send the agreement and we'll review it again in January of 2020.
  • Check camera footage from yesterday (was a non-member napping in the space?) - Zandi, Craig and Laria will check and report
  • Permanent Hate Free Sign - Member project, it's being taken to the list
  • Harassment Policy Update (hate symbols) - James will review the policy and add the proper language
  • Membership Card Process (review and post to wiki) - Board members will review.
  • Laser Cutter Class - James will contact Tyler about a class. Mike, Craig, and maybe Kale will work to become teachers.

Action Items

  • Contact Greg about a Nest password reset so we can start working on the account (James)
  • Log the nest renewal in the calendar (James)
  • Send out links to the harassment policy (James)
  • Can we decorate/paint the pillar outside of our suite if we return it to neutral - ask oxford (James)
  • Write up a brief policy on the $50/month max incidental expenses decision (James)
  • Pay Huron Valley Electric (Laria)
  • Setup autopay for rackspace and oxford (Mike)
  • Review past meeting minutes for classroom policy and draft something basic (James)
  • Get Nostrum up to date on their invoicing (Mike)
  • Go to the bank to get Mike a debit card (Mike & Laria)
  • Setup autopay for meetup (Mike)
  • Work on the address verification problem with ACD so we can pay for our internet (Mike)
  • Provide another fiber update next board meeting (Mike G.)
  • Can the online membership form email the board if someone fills it out? (Nate)
  • Calculate the cost of the annex to the space (Mike & James)
  • Post signs about the fridge cleaning schedule and clean it on schedule (Craig)
  • Transition finances email to Mike's email (Nate & Mike)
  • Archive Sarah's email (Nate & James)
  • Create a few signs that let people know there is a harassment policy and where it's at (Mike Z.)
  • Report back with a camera policy proposal (Craig, Laria, Mike G., Dustin)
  • Contact Nate about social media accounts and communication responsibilities (James)
  • Figure out which (if any) membership forms we're missing (James)
  • Craig will add notes about finding a non-profit lawyer to the board site - and actually try and find one (Craig)
  • Start a safety committee, chair to be decided later (Craig, Laria, Corey)
  • Post about the safety committee to the list, invite members (James)
  • Get quotes from plumbers about sink installation (Craig)
  • Craig will post about looking for temporary board members on the list (Craig)
  • Send the board an agreement on the parking pass for the power wheels car (Esty)
  • Check camera footage of a potential non-member napping in the space (Zandi, Craig and Laria)
  • Add language about hate symbols/speech to the anti-harassment policy (James)
  • Contact Tyler about teaching a laser cutter class in January (James)
  • Review the NFC card process and if it looks good, post it to the wiki (James & Craig - other board members are welcome too)