Minutes:09 JUN 2021 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1910

Meeting ends: 2127

Participants: Nate Y., Andrew C., David G., James K., Joe D.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Membership - 5m - Joe
  • Financial - 5m - Joe
  • Fundraising/outreach
  • Operations
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Membership:
    • Communication - is it time to retire the members mailing list and replace it with an announcements list? - James
      • TL;DR - mailing list is kind of dead, only really used for one-way communication. Using Matrix more often for two-way communications. Retiring the mailing list would further consolidate the communications. Have member-only and general-use list? David warns against using mailchimp since they get kind of extorty after a non-zero number of users. Sendgrid might work, and we have just set up an account. -- James will poll the mailing list about to see if folks are interested in this idea.
      • Set up an announcement room (read-only) on Matrix also. -- Nate will set up
    • Membership levels haven't changed this month.
  • Fundraising/outreach:
    • 3D printer/CNC controller upgrade fundraising update - Andrew
      • Andrew thinks early July at the latest to get this campaign running. Would like to hype it up during Art Fair if possible.
      • TinyG controller ordered for the StepCraft in advance of this fundraiser, due to a desire to get it running ASAP.
    • Fundraising for a utility sink? Needs more plumping and a pump to get it up to the drain line. Timeline is sometime further in the future, possibly after the 3d printer fundraiser. - James
    • Art Fair updates
      • Application completed, awaiting the required payment and to be put in the mail. Nate is the only one on the Board currently who is able to write checks, so he will do this by this Friday.
      • Next steps?
        • Joe posted a rough plan in the Art Fair room on Matrix.
        • Easy-to-make take-aways? What are these? Should be super simple.
    • Getting involved in other community events for the summer?
      • Artisan's Market
      • Outdoor meetups
      • Other in-person classes and events?
    • Try to get better at announcing events further in advance (like 1 week or so at least).
    • Email templates for ease-of-sending.
  • Education/classes:
    • Repairsday Thursday starting back up! Starting July 8th, 6-8pm. Hybrid event, so we will have an online presence as well.
  • Operations:
    • Membership tracking software
      • Membermatters successfully installed on our server, but has a decent amount of setup still required. Nate hopes to get the rest set up by the end of the week.
    • Space utilization tracking - Nate will get this to Joe
    • "Reopening/other issues" whiteboard list - James
      • Image of the whiteboard's current contents have been posted in Matrix chat!
      • Plotter: ink-jet plotter, *almost* ready to use. What should we do with this? - Andrew
      • Powerwheels car: What do we do with this? How can we reclaim that space for more useful stuff? Contact Jacob and figure this out. - Nate will reach out
      • Abandoned locker? Reach out to SPARK to see if the person is still working there? - James will reach out
      • Nixie Clocks and other heavy parts? Reach out to Larry to see what to do with it- Nate will reach out
      • UV Printer -- let's get people trained on this - Andrew, Nate, James, Joe
      • Paint supplies? What do we do with them, should we store them safely in a fire-resistant enclosure? - Volunteer X
      • Mac Mini - Unlock the machine? It has a lock code on it. - Andrew will look at it and see if it can be made usable.
      • Pick and Place machine -- can we find a better home for this? Taking up a lot of room; no plans to get it working for a long time. - Nate will reach out to i3 to see if they might be interested.

Old business updates

  • Hackathon (nhacks2021.org) - Nate reached out, and they were interested in having us mentor; however there was ultimately no apparent interest, availability, or skill-set match from us to fulfill their mentorship needs.
  • Reopening:
    • Cleaning
      • Tool library - Waiting for a champion
        • Joe is the champion, after Art Fair.
    • Review benchmarks for re-opening - Joe
      • Have a record of who is using the space, and their contact info: paper log, web-based, etc.
      • ~30 total person capacity limit across rooms, based on sq.ft.. 6 for the classroom, 5 for the others?
      • Masks -- required for public events, regardless of vaccine status. Member groups should be discretionary.
      • Put up signs, capacity limits, etc. - James
      • Retiring reservation system - James
    • Infrastructure
      • Networking equipment - Nate & James
      • Door/space access - Nate & James & Andrew
        • Mostly blocked by lack of membership tracking software
        • Can we just stand up a basic LDAP server for this? We know it works.
      • Non-guest wifi - just make it a pre-shared key for now.