Minutes:09 MAR 2022 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1910

Meeting ends: 2050

Participants: David G., Nate Y., Joe D., James K., Andrew C.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial - 5m - Joe
  • Membership - 5m - Joe
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Operations:
    • Space rental updates/organization effort
      • James will reach out about Fuel Cell
      • Nate was in contact with another person asking about some space to work on floral arrangements. Nothing solid yet; need more info on how much space/special equipment will be required.
    • Director nominations (starting ~3/28 for elections ~4/28) - Nate
      • Nate will send out the instruction template on 3/28. Election will take place virtually.
    • Merge PSR organization with Cleanup Day also on the 20th, start it closer to 4pm.
    • Volunteering with Phi Sigma Rho sorority, coming up on the 20th @ 2pm.
      • ~10 volunteers for 2 hours
      • Adding tools to the tool library
    • COVID-19 policy revisions
      • Still require masks? Capacity limits? We need to get input from the volunteers
      • James' proposal to keep capacity limits, don't require N95 masks for volunteers, make masks optional for guests, remove sign-in. This would be for the remainder of March, to revisit at April's meeting.
      • Volunteers think this is fine, so we will proceed with this plan.
  • Membership:
    • Lost one member in the last month (moved away).
  • Outreach:
    • Maker Show & Tell survey - David
      • Still working on the survey
    • Email blast with fundraiser update/upcoming events - James & Nate
    • FoolMoon (Apr. 1st 6-10pm) - Nate
      • Nate will set up AHA group planning on Matrix, in case others are interested in going
    • Earth Day solarpunk outing? Joe contacted Leslie Science Center about a collaboration in their Earth Day event (April 24th)
  • Education:
    • 3D printer documentation, basic class materials, getting second printer running
      • Set up a dedicated PC for running the 3D printers - James (or anyone else?)
    • Arduino day on 3/26! Do we want to do something? We have ATMegaZeros!
      • Hybrid model? It would happen on a Saturday, so we could double up with open hours.
      • Age range? Younger folks will show up with parents, likely to be interested if there willingly. But there will be some work to get Arduino stuff installed and running on a computer, then write programs also.
      • Make sure we lay out expectations ahead of time on what to expect
      • David submitted a placeholder Meetup link for the global Arduino Day events listing. We will hammer out more details as we go.

Old Business:

  • Operations:
    • Nate will sit down with volunteers to expand/freshen job board
  • Financial:
    • Joe will update Freshbooks for 2021 by Sunday - DONE
  • Membership:
    • Membership drive/new rates - James, in time for April meeting, to go into effect sometime in May. Will send emails about it prior to the April meeting.
  • Outreach:
    • Emails talking about our fundraiser (how it went, what we might do with this money, invitation to add ideas at a future meeting -- what date?) - James
    • Expand this email to start the habit of doing a monthly update?
    • Nate will write up a draft by next week, including a mention of t-shirts for those hosting events.
  • Education: