Minutes:09 MAY 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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- Meeting attendees: Demure, Brian, Kim, Henry, Mike Grube, Mike Zandi, Nate, Craig W., James K.

- Meeting starts at 1709

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.
  • Mike Z. brings up the idea of a recurring Friday evening social event, "Friday Evening Hangout". Spend time with other members- chat, share ideas, etc.
    • This will be added to our Meetups
  • Mike G. learned "Network for Good" had our old address on file. If anyone were to donate to AHA using their services, checks would be mailed to the old AHA address.
    • Mike G. called Network for Good and got our address fixed. There are two checks coming from them. Yay Mike!
  • Henry asked about our progress on correcting poor internet speed, specifically in the Coworking space. It is having a negative effect on his ability work.
    • Demure has been the lead on getting this sorted out. ACD indicates the problem lies in the building between the com closet and us. A new cable needs to be run from the closet.
    • ** In the interest of getting this done in a timely manner, the board decided we should hire someone to run the cable. ACD offered an estimate of $300 to do this work.

Governance - Nate

  • Mike G. and Henry will coordinate handover of board related items (email, etc.)

Old stuff still on table:

  • short term, card/sticker for proving equipment qual
  • long term pi+monitor that scans nfc cards and prints 24h + quals (demure)
    • notes that our current system has SN collisions on card
  • suggested edit to quorum definition (kim)
    • If person unfilled/abstaining, use blank vote as with the majority.
    • need to type out and propose formally. (kim)
  • lets have each positioning have a google drive folder shared (demure)

Education/Events - Kim

  • Penguicon is in the books.
    • Nate, Kim and Henry reported having positive experiences.
    • Nate mentioned the space allotted for the soldering was kind of small, maybe next year this will be better.
    • Super huge thank you to Nate and Nick R. for making the badges happen!!!
  • Library maker faire (AACME) is on May 20
    • No answer on badge reimbursement yet from them. We are considering an order of 300
    • We need volunteers for the learn to solder table!
  • Tech Trek is on June 15
    • We need volunteers to be at AHA for the event!
    • Having cold water on hand is a must. Cooler and water bottles?
  • George's Meetup is a go. A slight tweak of the title was encouraged.
  • Cryptoparty recurring events have changed, Kim changed Meetup calendar to reflect this
  • The week of May 23rd, BYB research fellows will be arriving.
    • Mike Z. suggested Pizza and Pinball Pete’s for a social event with them since they are new in town? We will try to put this together for the week after they arrive.
    • Welcoming them and getting them set up at AHA is going to be a group effort. Demure and Kim cleaned the classroom shelves for project storage, Nate and Mike G. will take care of getting them access to AHA, etc.
  • Documenting AHA resources and Wiki updates should be recurring events.
    • Once per month to start? This will happen, start with a short brainstorming session then get to work!
  • Henry reports: BBBS- is on for 27th of this month for their next event.
    • He could use teaching assistants for this!
  • The laser is still on the fritz, next round of classes has been cancelled (again). We are waiting on a new tube to be received from China.

Finances - Brian

  • Monthly graph shows a downturn in deposits. Brian did not make it to the bank before the end of the month.
  • Proceeds from Penguicon were deposited-- $1249! (They will show up on next month's report)
  • The landlord misplaced our check for utilities from April. Brian will have the check canceled and issue a new one.
  • James K. brought up the idea of changing from Paypal to Stripe.
    • We need an updated AHA website for it to work
    • Henry is on the migration team for Stripe
    • This is going to take some effort- we will form a task team to figure this out outside the meeting

Fundraising - Mike G. and Henry

  • Mike G. is working on a three day root kit boot camp, probably in July

Marketing/Outreach (Madeline officer)

  • Madeline could not make the meeting

Old Stuff:

  • we will look at having a social media agitator service (demure)
  • dine to donate
  • pcon
  • makerfairs!
  • floatfest
  • artfairs

Operations - Nate


  • Demure will clean the shelves in the classroom for the BYB research fellows project storage
  • Later hours member visit caused some issues due to a camera being moved. We need to reinforce the importance of no one touching the front door camera. As we’ve discussed in the past, the cameras serve a purpose and it isn’t to keep an eye on members and their activities. They are only used when something significant happens.
    • The board needs an (improved?) response plan for after hours emergency type situations
  • Replacement bulbs are still needed.
  • Back door still needs to have the electric latch installed. We need a vendor to install the thing for us.
    • Wireless doorbell is a temporary measure
  • Nate added website login info to the KTTK so others can update info
  • Landlord needs new board names for approved unlock requests (Brian will send this)

Membership/volunteering demure


  • May Stats:
    • We currently have 3 coworkers, 18 standard, 15 reduced, 1 house hold, and 6 volunteers in good standing, 7 BYB.