Minutes:09 Mar 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Erik O., Alec B., Nate Y., Nick R., Isaac P., Jon H., Alex W., Lauren W., Donnie J., Esty T., Daniel D., Scott K., Kattni R., Greg G., Tyler W.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:15
  • Meeting ends at: 20:33

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Daniel D. asks about the solder badges. We have a prototype in possession, estimate a need for around 150?

Esty T. wonders if there's anything blocking Augustine from taking over Tyler S.'s position. Greg responds that the Board will be voting on the issue tonight.

Daniel would like to know if we can fully staff the Penguicon's Hackerspace. Volunteers will be corralled in the next week or so to gauge how many hours we can keep.

Daniel would like BYB to demonstrate some human-to-human interface things at the Opening Ceremony.

Greg mentions that we're all set to move into the new space, with a few items to review on the draft lease.

Greg purchased a vinyl cutter and laser cutter parts.

Daniel is working with Autodesk with U of M, and mentions Autodesk is interested in working with other hardware hackers (AKA AHA).

Greg wants to write a Michigan Economic Development (MEDC) grant.

Jon notes the AHA banner needs to be updated to ".org"

Alec suggests a section in the Orange Folder for folks who have been banned (with a photo).

Minutes Approval

  • February 2016 Board Minutes

No objections to the old minutes.

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Financial - from Alex W.

Net income of $162 last month.

Membership - Alex W.

Lost 2 standard members last month, and 2 volunteers.

We have 2 new volunteers this month.

Fundraising - Greg G.

  • Monthly Fundraising Report - LINK HERE?

Governance - Donnie J.

Elections coming up in April, Donnie will be starting the nomination process at the end of March.

Facilities - Nick R.

More leaks last month.

Supposes it will take a massive amount of work to move AHA based on smaller items that have been moved around recently.

Alec suggests it will be easier to move a little bit at a time, over time.

Volunteers - Alex W.

Alex needs to get Nate the new volunteer schedule.

Education/Classes/Events - Donnie J.

Classes are being put on hold.

Nate will remove all the events from the calendar starting from this weekend.

Tech Twilight coming up, need to put together exhibits (something other than 3d scanner, 3d printer, oculus).

Shell Eco Marathon coming up.

Donnie would like to get us more t-shirts. Nate suggests Elmo's main st. shirts.

Penguicon end of April.

Nate will get Alec the list of events coming up.

(30m) Unfinished Business

  • Alec M. suggests that Alex W. may want to publish a protocol for people buying supplies for the space, and getting reimbursed.

- Greg says Xero has a way to do this with their app. Finance person needs to approve before a purchase is made.

  • Nate mentions long term buying-stuff-solution should be figured out.

- Costco might be able to deliver for free according to Greg. We need to figure out if we can control the timing of the delivery.

Esty has connections with JStor, would like to see if we can get any sort of partnership with them.

- Kristin G. of JStor is trying to arrange a tour of the space in the next month or two. We are waiting on JStor.

Jon H.'s dad would like to have an AHA member come into a ACS meeting to talk about AHA.

- No movement, Jon will get him to email the Board.

Alec wants to have some kind of long-term agenda of "things to do" (recurring events), viewable in the minutes.

- Donnie, Nate and Alec will put this together. Nate will send an email to coordinate.

Greg suggests bringing members into the Google Apps setup as users. Membership Director would periodically curate this list to the current members.

- This is a thing Nate can do, given some direction. We could also tie in computer logins to this with the APIs.

Mythbusters(?) are planning on doing some filming with BYB on the 2/26, partially at AHA.

- Was a really long day. We will have footage in the near future.

Nick R. mentions the Milan R/C Club has restarted, trying to get a non-profit status. Nick would like to see some cross-pollination between these groups. Interesting things coming up with that group includes a drone racing track.

Concern about people not paying for drinks. How do we track this better? We could use cameras at the fridge to see who is taking vs. buying.

Greg asks about laser cutter use tracking. People are not using the log book reliably. Nick proposes using the LDAP computer logins to help with this tracking.

Related to laser, the short-term action item is to print the updated instructions for the laser cutter, and a new logbook for people to sign in. Also Nick will add hardware to keep track of laser use time.

- Nick needs to print the instructions, will do tomorrow. New log book is done. Hardware is done, needs to be installed.

(30m) New Business

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Temporary Board replacement volunteer until the April election:

- Nick - Erik

- Donnie - Erik

- Alex - Erik

- Greg - Tyler

Erik will take over Volunteering until April.