Minutes:09 OCT 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Alex H., Dana N., Andrew S., Khevna S., Larry W., Martin S., Nate Y.

Meeting starts at 20:38

Meeting ends at 22:00

(15 min) Open For All!

Dana has word from the Soup Group (http://annarborsoup.weebly.com/) Apps due on Nov. 10th, info sessions on Nov. 4th/6th, event is 6PM on Nov. 24th.

Martin points out that calendar organization process is inefficient, disjointed. He would like to see more dedicated effort to maintain these since they often get out of sync, have conflicts, etc.. Martin offers his help with doing this, streamlining the process.

Dana brings up a point to have a second, smaller board meeting to address action items as a group instead of a big high-level meeting.

Larry Works is interested in having a local group make buttons for a political party. He wants to have AHA do it, could end up bringing in money for AHA. Also, he is interested in bringing down political leadership to the shop to perhaps give members an opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, etc.. Larry will be getting us soon on more details on volume, prices.

(15 min) Status of Previous Action Items

Nate Y. will check in with Ana about thankyous.

Andrew has worked to consolidate finances. Needs Josh's help to progress with Quickbooks.

Dana has been working on a version of the kit that is easier to cut out, running some troubles with that. Dana and Alex will be working on that again on 10/9.

Dana will be sending out surveys by 10/9.

Dana will be communicating with Zach end of November on adult classes. (So many Barracuda employees sitting here at this meeting!)

Nate Y. will bug Josh later on action items!

Nate Y. will be receiving AVR Dragon shortly from Alex H.

Nate Y. still needs to write a spiel on how to pitch the space to others at events.

Nate Y. and Khevna got a bit done with the rPi and LDAP w.r.t. the door lock situation. Needs to continue to work on the door with Khevna, can bug Martin about LDAP implementations.

Nate will bug Zach about his items.

(5 min) Financial Update

We broke even this month!

We make about $1300 per month on membership

We should do a metrics meeting! Alex, Michael, Martin, Nate want to do this soon.

Do more open house-like stuff!

(10 min) 501c3 Update

A couple of sections remaining. Nate Y. will finish the missing stuff. Will forward on Section E statement to board members for review.

(10 min) MHacks Hardware

MHacks wants to host some teams at AHA for a hardware hackathon. November through January. Board votes 4 yea (Alex, Dana, Khevna, Nate), 1 absent.

Martin's stuff

Makeathon! https://groups.google.com/forum/?_escaped_fragment_=topic/a2geeks/uc7N6kQNWRE#!topic/a2geeks/uc7N6kQNWRE AHA could get involved. Martin has offered to coordinate with her on this.

Electronics lunch is back! Fridays at the Duderstadt at noon.

Idea to create an annual regional hackerspace meetup with i3, OCD, etc.. Beer and loose agenda, socialization. What works for each hackerspace.

Student loan hackathon: event on how to pay off loans faster. Financial hacking! Martin will float idea on mailing list and FB group.

Other stuff

Dana emphasizes second board meeting for action items

Khevna wants to have a monthly member meeting!