Minutes:09 OCT 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting starts: 1916 Meeting ends: 2100


  • fundraising
    • membership/previous membership contact
  • marketing
    • Website
  • operations
  • Annex

Board members present: Mike, Ndu, Nate, Adam


  • Mike has some plans to recruit sponsorship to help make our financial goals, with milestones based on current needs, to achieve stability. Three tiers are $750/mo., $500/mo., and $250/mo., with different rewards for each sponsor in a given tier.
  • Supplement our fundraising with a GoFundMe to get an initial influx of money?
  • Nate: How do we tie in the fundraising efforts with our previously-proposed retro gaming party idea? We're going to have to enlist a fair amount of help.
  • In response to Nate's concerns: Veronica proposes breaking down tasks into very simple items that we can hand off to folks who wish to help with the effort.
  • Mike is curious what sort of materials we should provide to prospective donors.
  • There is interest in holding our 10th anniversary in preference over a retro gaming night at this time. Tentatively scheduled for the 16th.
  • Needs a planning committee meeting for fundraising and anniversary.


  • Website demo! Adam presents a new look for our website, which is well-received. We would like to adopt the design, determine what the needs are for the site, and port over to tools that will allow us to host and keep it up to date.
  • We will schedule a marketing meeting to formalize plans going forward, early next week.
  • Veronica would like to have a marketing committee meeting early next week. Suggests creating a list of objectives to do this, such as mailing lists, newsletters, putting together packages to give to organizations who we are interested in working with. Interested in figuring out how to integrate these efforts with our website refresh.


  • Annex:
    • Ndu proposes turning the unused space into an exhibition gallery for artists.
    • James suggests reaching out to our neighbors to get immediate progress
    • Adam proposes reaching out to UM groups
    • Mitchell would like to allow for sink usage as a priority, suggests screen printing shirts to help pay for the space.
  • Overall, there is interest in having an art show here at AHA where we get a number of artists to put their art up for sale, allow folks to wander through a few times a month to see it up close.
  • Nate will post the wish-list link to the group.


  • Neutral Zone is still interested in collaborating with us, we need to continue to stay on the ball to figure out how to do this.
  • Adam and James will come up with a game plan and follow up with the NZ folks and report back by 10/11.


  • Currently volunteering levels are holding steady. New volunteers are showing up for shifts and getting settled.
  • Mitchell would like to see volunteers used in a wider capacity, not necessarily just running a shift.