Minutes:10 Aug 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Corey T., Tyler W., Nick R., Nate Y., Stephanie T., Alex W.
  • Meeting starts at: 1910
  • Meeting ends at: 2030

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

Follow up

Corey - Did you schedule a marketing meeting? ETA is the 20th @ 5:00. How is the monthly marketing email coming along? ETA is Sunday end of day. Any progress on content for the blog?

Alec - Did you get blog access from Nate? Yes.

Tyler - Made John H. volunteer manager of the staff list at Alec's request.

Nate - Did you get a cost number back to Dan for the HAM class? Yes, $50.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Corey says he loves us, good job.

Minutes Approval

  • July 2016 Board Minutes. 4/5 approve, Greg absent.

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Education - Nick R.

Nick would like to put together a KiCAD (electronics design) and OnShape class (CAD). Found some good slides for KiCAD as a starting point. He would like KiCAD done this weekend, OnShape early next week.

3D printer class needs to be updated, since we have completely different equipment.

Laser class will be starting up again soon since it will be fully-installed tomorrow.

Vinyl cutter class upcoming? Target date is next week.

We are joining the Milan Flyers this Saturday for their open house. Might rain, unsure if there's a backup date if it does. We will bring 3D parts, computer.


  • Advanced Learn-to-Solder (surface-mount) using Penguicon badges. -- Shelved for now. Nate will revisit next month.
  • Amateur radio General license review class -- Do we have enough people to open on Saturday morning, and should we charge for use of AHA? Need to resolve these questions ASAP. -- This is definitely happening starting after Sept. 17.
  • Professional Development opportunity (i.e. AHA training educators) via middle school teacher Rebecca B. -- Tyler will reach out.

Finances/Membership - Alex W.

TCF is looking OK (over $1000).

Paypal is transferred in. BYB will be paying month-to-month again starting this month? Alex will double-check with Greg.

We gained one new member this month. Two former members have signed up again.

The electronic membership form . Alex will try to get it done next week?

Nate will add giant notice on webpage to remind people to meet people/sign up in person before paying.

Alex will meet with Lauren W. to transfer over Xero.

  • Member meetings
    • This month good.
    • Next planned for October. Tyler will line up three projects to help improve the space. Date TBA, need to know when the Open House will happen first.

Mailbox - We can use the locking metal box that came with the space, needs a new lock first.

We need a Stripe setup to take membership dues and other payments again. Alex will let Nate know what he needs, and Nate will purchase.

Fundraising - Greg G.

Tyler has three more donors on-board!

AHA Grant update:

SPARK Tour w/ Bill Mayer of Spark on July 19th - How did it go? No news.

Marketing/Events - Corey T.


  • Art Fair - Corey says it was a conflict of interest. Felt we were trying to push items for sale in a non-profit booth. AHA didn't bring enough things, so it was hard to tell it was actually AHA and not a BYB booth. Besides that, he felt it was run well, and BYB really did a good job with staffing. Also mentions it would be cool to hold an Art Party alongside the Art Fair next year. Also, don't forget to rent a tent next year.
  • Maker Faire - not well attended, sort of sad -- need to have more active presence at the biggest maker event in Michigan. Jacob will have another car working next year. Henry Ford will showcase any projects we do on their blog. Corey will come up with ideas for next year and float them to members.


  • Participation in Milan Flyers Open House -- see above
  • Fall Open House -- Target is September 10th, 3PM-10PM. Liquid nitrogen punch! Alex suggests running another set of classes (Arduino, laser, CNC, 3D, vinyl cutter) during the welcome week. Tyler will send out emails to members asking what they can do for classes; Corey will buy filament for 3D printers. Kim voluntold to make flyers!

Operations/Volunteers - Tyler W.

Door lock on main room is working better!

Nate updated the square footage on insurance.

Mailbox lock is ordered.

Laser Cutter Update -- decided not to move it into the small room, instead sitting by the closet. We are moving the loud noise room into the bigger area, vinyl/crafting into the small room (former loud noise).

Back room will get painted this weekend! Pallets will be used to make an artsy thing on the small wall by the door.

Computers - PC restoration continues. CNC machine is next.

Tinker offered to fix the loud noise room door.

Jason plans to swap the loud noise room and the laser rooms. He will coordinate the move and volunteers to help.

Skylights have been cleaned - This is about as good as they get.

Member meeting held on 8 Aug 2016. Minutes/Notes:

  • Good turn out
  • Lots of food, special thanks to Pritpaul
  • Some cleaning and organization done
  • Found organizer for loud noise and laser room switch
  • Josh suggested using room across the hall as temp storage
  • Stage the space for open house
  • Need to set day for open house and work towards it to get marketing and signage right


  • Trained 2 more volunteers and one scheduled to train on Thursday. Elsie has access. Waiting to get her schedule before signing her up to run shift. Nick also offered to fill in volunteering in for a while.

(30m) Unfinished Business

Stephanie is here to help AHA with marketing, has a Engineering/Business background, working with marketing automation software (Buffer currently, not chained to anything in particular). She believes working with her hands is a valuable experience, enjoys informal/impromptu teaching opportunities; but is also a good planner. She brings a unique perspective given the background. She and Corey will meet afterwards to talk about marketing.

Alec wants to have some kind of long-term agenda of "things to do" (recurring events), viewable in the minutes. - Happened 16th of June need to circle back. Alec said open house.

Alex W. - Working on a Google Form for membership signup to replace current paper form. - Updated deadline.

Alex W. - Drafting a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy - Still working on it. Alec suggests also having a cheap "storage box" solution, you could rent a cardboard box to put your projects in for a limited time. ETA is next week.

Tyler AHA phone number switch. Working on it but want to order device that works with Chip and Pin since iPad was lost.

Recycling - City is still getting their act together. Cost is supposedly included in our rent but not the up front cost for the bin. -- Still, still getting their act together.

Harassment policy - Alex has a wonderful draft done.