Minutes:10 DEC 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Larry W., James H., Jon H., Keane W., Ken L., Nick R., Nate Y., Greg G.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:00
  • Meeting ends at: 21:15

(45 min) Open For All!

  • Rants, Raves, Comments and Concerns - Bring it on!

Larry brings up concerns regarding a person's safety in the shop, whether to remove 24/7 access. Group decides to talk to the member, contact appropriate resources to help better.

Discussion is happening about another person whose behavior has been reported as insulting to some members. Board unanimously decides to formally reprimand the member with a written warning.

Next issue relates to BYB's relationship with AHA and BYB's use of the space vis-a-vis the amount they are paying. Greg suggests formalizing a business plan for BYB to pay $300 per month, and then BYB can lock the back room, with a key given to the Board members in case it's necessary to get in.

Related to the laser cutter, proposal is $2.50/minute of laser use. Greg agreed to pay the ~4000 bill for ventilation providing the first 50% of cost up front to Altech to get the laser ventilation started.

Since AHA's greatest asset is our sense of community and the care we show towards each other, the AHA Board resolves to do better with unified communication when issues arise with BYB, or any other issues related to the space with particular members/groups.

Standing Committee Reports (Outlined in p. 3 of Standing Rules)

  • Note - Committee reports should include Action Item updates from last months Board meeting. (see temp folder)

(10 min) Financial - Zach S.

Update from Zach:

  • Financial update (a bit confusing)
    • Current assets - $1175 (good)
    • Last month we had a net loss of $858 (bad!) Membership was down from $1637 in October to $1013 in November. Larry and I believe that there are memberships outstanding that we need to collect on. We were kept alive by a pledged donation that cleared in to our account in early December (and so is not reflected in November numbers)
    • Detailed November P&L at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/196w9neC-592MXWOXLnBnivTddqfJtx5Bg4fQC8MyzjU/edit?usp=sharing (in that folder are October and September as well for comparison)
  • Larry is now a signer on the TCF account along with Zach (we removed Dana as she is no longer on the board)
  • Could not find evidence of AMF Nano payments in TCF transaction history

Board proposes to approach AMF Nano with this information to see if they are willing to pay the amount owed.

  • Can staff keep track of when they pull money out of the register to buy everyday things (towels, toilet paper, etc)? That way we can have a better idea of our actual costs and keep better track of money in the register. Receipts somewhere would be ideal, an email could also work.

Things that were here when Zach started editing:

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder (none filed this month)


  • Membership Report (Larry W.) - 31 Members in Good Standing, 17 past members owe back dues totaling $1600.

Household Memberships - Previously approved by the Board. Here are the details:

  • 1 Standard Membership Required - Full Rate $50
  • Additional Household Members - $15 each
  • Household = defined as living under the same roof
  • Adults = 24/7 access (same benefits as Standard Membership)
  • Minors = Accompanied Access (meaning w/ adult named on Liability forms, does NOT have to be a family member but DOES have to be an AHA 24/7 Member)
  • Minors DO NOT get keys or codes

Board votes to shut down open hours on Sundays, with a periodic review to see if it would make sense to hold open hours again on that day. Effective immediately.

(20 min) Governance - Ken

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder

No news for elections.

Has salesforce news: Salesforce foundation will give us grants for volunteers hours worked for AHA. Nate again offers help to get membership tracking running in Salesforce -- need to get that sandboxed and then promoted into use for Larry to use on a monthly basis.

(10 min)Facilities - Nick

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder

Ventilation is running

Nick needs to coordinate with Gerald to put the blower fan in the correct spot, running a switch into the main room to control it.

Leaky Taste Kitchen drain fixed! Leaky toilet in the former women's bathroom fixed!

New router working great!

(10 min) Staff - Jon

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder

Jon got updated staff list, set up a staff meeting with active staff.

Jon has Gareth training with Chris; working with James H. to get him on board again.

First aid class? Nate will ask Ana if she is available to train new staff.

(10 min) Fundraising - Larry

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder
  • In less than a week AHA raised $950 for new soldering equipment!

GFM took around 10% of gross proceeds, we will get the remaining amount deposited into our account Jan. 1.

  • Since Fundraising was instituted via Bylaws change, AHA has received $3001 in revenue & $600 of in-kind donations.

(15 min) Outreach


  • Next GSD (Wiki Party????) - regardless what we do, it needs rescheduling from Christmas Eve
  • Arduino Class Cancelled for Sat., Dec. 13th

Going to see if Josh is interested in teaching.

  • North Quad Makerfest 1-3pm, Sat., Dec. 13th

Nick R., Larry W., and Nate Y.

  • UMSI Service Day, MLK Weekend, Jan. 17th 2 shifts planned (9am-11:45am, and 1:15pm until 4pm)


  • UMSI Proposal
  • Community HS - First Robotics Team

We are looking to be available as a CHS Community Resource for CHS students to work on their projects here.

  • AADL - Makerspace Coming

Steve T. from AADL is working on setting up a makerspace in their basement. It's postulated that we might move the "intro" classes (ie. Learn to Solder) to that space when it's available.

New Business